The Scroll's Secret: No Peeking Allowed

The Scroll's Secret: No Peeking Allowed is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 05/28/2003
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Chunin Exams Arc

The Scroll's Secret: No Peeking Allowed - のぞき見厳禁!巻き物の秘密 (Nozoki mi genkin! Maki mono no himitsu)


Opening Theme-

"Haruka Kanata (遥か彼方)" by: Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Japan)

"Rise" by Jeremy Sweet and Ian Nickus (U.S. TV)

Naruto has decided to do a little fishing his own way by using his shadow replication technique. He dives into the water so that the fish would jump up out of the water so Saskue could hit them with his knife. They end up getting three, and Saskue tells him to move around more because he wants to hit more then three. Naruto yells at him and tells him it is tiring and that he should do it. Sakura yells for Saskue to come and start the fire with his blazing fireball justu, and as he leaves he tells Naruto that three would be enough. Naruto becomes mad, and tells him to wait. All three of them are sitting around a fire cooking the fish they caught and they start to talk about the exam. Saskue says that they have been in the exam for four days now, and that the exam started at 3pm, so they only have 25 or 26 hours to get to the tower. Plus they know that some of the teams have most likely made it to the tower, so things are looking bad for them to find another heavenly scroll. We get to see another team from the hidden leaf village that seems to be running from some one.

They are all tired and dirty, one of the team mates tell the other two to rest while he went off looking for food. The two that are left behind start to talk about the scrolls, and one of them was thinking of opening up the one they had. Back with Naruto, Saskue, and Sakura, Sakura brings up the fact that maybe there was no more heavenly scrolls. Saskue is curious to why she would say that, and she goes on to explain. That four days have past in the exam, which means that have used up 80% of the time, and that only 13 teams can pass the exam. She asked Saskue if he remembers when Orochimaru burned up their heavenly scroll, and once he did that it means that only 12 teams can pass now. They end up figuring out that the next enemy they see might be their last chance to get a heavenly scroll. Saskue tells them that he is going to go and get some drinking water. Naruto tells Sakura that he has figured out a way that they didn't have to fight at all. He dumps out all the other scrolls that he had with him, and tells her they could make a fake one. It sounds like a good idea, but the problem is they don't know what it is written in them. So Naruto comes up with the idea that they could guess what was inside of the scrolls, since they had the earth scroll, they could open it and find out. Sakura reminds him of the rule that they are not suppose to look at what was inside until they got to the tower. Naruto tells her that they are in enough trouble already, and they sit and stare at the scrolls. We end up going back to the other two hidden leaf village ninja's who are about to open the scroll as well.

As they start to open their's so does Naruto and Sakura. The other two ninja's end up opening theirs all the way and end up screaming. There other team mate hears them screaming and comes running back only to find them unconscious. Naruto was about the open his scroll when Kabuto stops him from doing it. He goes on to tell them that once you opened one of the scrolls you would see a sleep-inducing inscription, and you would sleep till the end of the exam. Saskue asks him why he was here, and Kabuto tells him that he is not after their scrolls or anything, and that he already had both. He was just heading toward the tower where his team mates where waiting on him. As Kabuto was about to leave Saskue told him to fight them. Kabuto asked if he was serious, and Saskue told him that they needed to fight to survive in the forest. Kabuto tells them that it is a lie, and if they really wanted to fight him then they should have while he had his guard down because that is what a ninja is suppose to do. Even though he didn't take the challenge, Kabuto decided to help the three of them out.

All four of them started to head for the tower, because it was the next best thing to do before the last day if they wanted to get the scroll they needed. He goes on to tell them that they will not be the only ones thinking about this, and that there will be traps waiting for them. And also there was another thing to worry about as you get closer to the tower, the people called "collectors." They are enemies that carry around extra scrolls and exchange them for going free, or they can give them to a friend from the same village to get information that they need about the exam. Or they would crush the stronger ones that would get to the third exam. He tells them that they are pretty stronger and they are never satisfied. Saskue tells Kabuto that he understands why he wanted them to come with him, because he was afraid of them. They finally stop on a hill where they could see the tower, Kabuto tells them it is going to get cruel from here on out. Naruto yells with excitement, and when he does they all seem to hear what sounds like an enemy. Naruto throws his knife toward the sound but ends up hitting a centipede in the head. Kabuto tells him that he doesn't want anymore careless actions or noise from him, since it can attract the enemy to their whereabouts. He goes on to tell them that they will hide and move slowly as time allows them too.

So they all start moving toward the tower, in their own ways, after a while they end up coming up on one of the traps that were set up, that some ninja's feel into already. As they were leaving, Naruto ends up tripping on one of the wires of another trap. Kunai's start to fly at him, Kabuto comes to his aid, and takes the hit for Naruto. Thinking that he is dead, Naruto turns and looks and sees that Kabuto had done the replacement technique. Kabuto reminds him that it is going to be intense. They started to walk again toward the tower, when Sakura collapses and says she can't go on any more. She asked how long they have been walking because the tower seems not to be getting closer at all. They all find it weird and Saskue says that it must be an illusionary technique, because they were back at the same spot where Naruto had hit the centipede. They had been going in circles, and that the enemy was watching.

Kabuto figures that they are waiting for them to get to tired so they could do a surprise attack on them. Since they were already in the enemies plan, Kabuto knew that they would attack soon. Then all of the sudden a bunch of clones of a rain ninja started to come out of the trees and the ground and starts to surround the four of them. While the real one watched from a far. Naruto goes on to say that this was a good handicap. As all the clones started to come in closer.

Ending Theme-

"Harmonia (ハルモニア)" by Rythem

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