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When Setsu sets on a journey to find her childhood friend. Will she find him? Will she be able to bring him home?


In a small village where a big bridge expands across it, a boy disappeared. Apart from me, very few people notice this incident.

But there was something I didn't notice either.

The truth is that this village...

"Setsu it's farewell from here on out"...

"but there will defiantly be a day when my name will even reach this village"...

"when that time comes.. We'll meet again for sure"


When a poor young boy finds out he is heir to the thrown he goes off on a journey to claim the crown. But he leaves something very important behind. His childhood friend Setsu is a young girl with a warm heart and handsome looks. She is often confused for a boy. When Setsu goes all the way to the capital to see Luca she finds a imposter in his place. She meets more friends in he capital such as the warrior in training Dorii and the princess Kulea. Together all four of their gaits are in twined with the kingdom and who shall rule it.


Setsu- young girl in search of her childhood friend. Setsu lives in a small village Niolz but she is lead to believe that her childhood friend now lives in a palace. When she finds he is not there and someone else is king in his place she faces danger and mystery to find him. Setsu is a masculine girl, she is very sporty and many mistaken her for a boy. She has great sword skill and has martial arts. She is very poor but has a lot of friends and connections. She is brave, strong, and has a lot of will. The is sometimes to honest but she never turns away from a fight. On the other hand she is sometimes thick headed but very smart.

Lucaria- this boy also goes by the name of Luca and is childhood friends with Setsu. His mother was I'll and died when he was young. And at a very young age he was put to work. He is a very compassionate person that will put others before himself but at the same time will lie for someones else's own good. He was taken to the palace so he could take over the thrown. But he was captured and escaped his destiny. He gave his name and crown to a poor boy who had nothing to begin with.

Dorii - is a young warrior in training that Setsu meets on her travels. He is very skillful with the sword and he mistakes Setsu for a boy when they first met. His past is very vague and tragic and he is a well known assassin. When he meets Setsu he develops feelings for her and changes his ways. But he also tells her that if they get too close he might end up hurting her. Thats why when he is around her, he tries to only show his good side so in the end he does not end up hurting her. He is brave but is easily silenced. He can also be very sly but protects the ones he loves.

Saki- is the boy that Luca found all those years ago. Saki lived under the bridge at their poor village and Luca was the only person who treated him kindly. When Luca had to go I brung Saki along and used him so Saki could become king. That way he could get a better life and a new name. Saki is a brave, smart and quick-thinking individual. And his life goal was to serve Luca forever. He took over Luca's place as king and is usually called 'his majesty'.

Princess Kulea- this princess belongs to the Baji clan kingdom. Even though he clan she belongs to is known to be trick she is nothing but truthful and beautiful. She is very kind to Setsu and helps her on her quest.

Kazuna - he is a man that fought in the battles before Setsu and Luca. He was one of the strongest and dangerous. He retired to guarding the king. He now guards who ever is the king with his life. He also knows all the secrets of the palace and knows who the real king is. He can't stand if he didn't give his best to save someone and he's really bad with guilt.

Nagi- is the Baji's family second generation leader and is a very suspicious in the beginning but later we learn he is on the capital's side. Although he does have some alternate motives.

Painter- suspicious character. Paints portraits of people he mets on his journey. Also he was the one who is responsible for Luca's dissapearence.

Lady Kira - she was a friend of Luca's mother and seeks revenge with Luca. She is the only true villain in this story. She is beautiful, rich and middle-aged.

General Information Edit
English Name The Scarlet Chair
Japanese Name: Hiiro no Isu
Romaji: 緋色の椅子
Publisher Hakusensha
Start Year 2002
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Aliases Hiiro no Isu
"the scarlet chair"
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