The Sakezan Continent

The Sakezan Continent is an anime episode of Galaxy Express 999 that was released on 04/05/1979

Plot Summary

"Men who truly live freely are the happiest men of all. You'll find great men like that scattered throughout the universe. And Sakezan is one of them." - Narrator

Maetel and Tetsuro spot two drunk monkeys
Maetel and Tetsuro spot two drunk monkeys

During its route to Andromeda, the GE999 has a layover on Sakezan Continent, a wild planet ran by a Tarzan-like man named Sakezan. Maetel and Tetsuro decide to explore the planet and come across a group of wild monkeys drinking sake, which grows naturally in trees. Tetsuro and Maetel enjoy some of the sake but are caught in a surprise attack by Sakezan who accuses them of stealing it. After knocking them out, Sakezan decides to capture Maetel and leave Tetsuro where he lays.

Liza begs Tetsuro to help her escape
Liza begs Tetsuro to help her escape

Tetsuro eventually comes around and tries to find Sakezan but doesn't get anywhere in his search. Sakezan actually seeks out Tetsuro but the two end up in a battle which Tetsuro loses and Sakezan decides to throw him in his jail. While there, Tetsuro sees Maetel in shackles and being forced into feeding Sakezan and being his house slave. Sakezan eventually drinks to the point of passing out and a woman named Liza appears. Liza tells Tetsuro that her plane crashed on the planet years ago and that she was the sole survivor of the incident. Sakezan captured her much like Maetel, but the two eventually grew close out of the loneliness of being the only humans on the entire planet. With Maetel here, Liza sees an opportunity to escape and asks Tetsuro to help her. Tetsuro is willing but when Liza says that they will have to leave Maetel behind, he refuses to do so. Having overheard the entire conversation, Maetel tells him to save himself and reluctantly he agrees to Liza's plan. While the two of them are leaving, Tetsuro recalls his experiences on the Fossilized Planet where he was stranded and Maetel risked missing the GE999 to save him. This causes him to change his mind and return to Sakezan's home.

Maetel waves goodbye to Sakezan
Maetel waves goodbye to Sakezan

Tetsuro is captured again by Sakezan and imprisoned. Eventually he is able to dig his way out of his cell and attack Sakezan with a wooden stake that he finds. The two battle and Tetsuro eventually passes out from exhaustion. He awakens aboard the GE999 and the Conductor tells him that Sakezan brought him there. Tetsuro decides to exit the train to save Maetel and passes Liza, who has been identified as a crash victim and allowed to stay aboard, on his way out. When Tetsuro exits the train he sees Maetel waving goodbye to Sakezan and heading towards the GE999. Once aboard, Maetel tells him that Sakezan decided to let her go because her respects Tetsuro's bravery and refusal to let her be captured. Upon hearing this, Liza leaves the GE999 and runs towards Sakezan. The two embrace each other in tears and the GE999 takes off, heading towards its next destination.

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