Shaman King #8 - The Road to the Tao Stronghold

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 01/03/2006

Plot Summary

 Yoh and Tao Ren's battle to qualify for the second round of the Shaman Fight comes to a dramatic conclusion on one ever expected! In the end, Yoh takes to the hot springs to recover and Ren returns home to China a changed shaman.  
New character: BoZ monks who rock with a guitar not in wiki yet

Note: BoZ monks meet Yoh, Tamao, Ponchi and Conchi, Amidamaru, Tokageroh, and Ryu at a Shinto shine versus the anime. (see below)
Bonus story:  Kokkuri Angel Cupid starring Tamao
New Oversoul Techniques
Horohoro's Nipopo punch
Ryu's Hell Dragon Crimson Lizard (sword)

Anime and Manga difference

  •  In the anime, Ren and Yoh just have dinner after their last preliminary match is done with Tamao, Anna, Ponchi and Conchi, Pirika, Manta, Horohoro, and their spirits.
  • In the anime, BoZ monks meet Yoh and Tamao plus characters who are not originally in this: Horohoro and Manta.
  • Anna, Silva, Mikihisa, and Pirika shows up during the aftermath of BoZ monks' battle in the anime version only.


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