The Road Home

The Road Home is an anime episode of Clannad After Story that was released on 02/19/2009

Plot Summary

As Tomoya and Ushio returns back to the Furukawa residence, after promising that he will stay with Ushio and not end up like his father. Taking care of Ushio as he relieved Akio and Sanae from taking care of his daughter after five years, as it was difficult raising Ushio with a mother that was passed away. Tomoya then leaves his daughter in Kindergarden school as he goes to work. After work, Tomoya picks up Ushio as she has a responsibilty to stay at home while Tomoya is away. Tomoya then comes back home with Ushio's clothes, toys that was left for her in the Furukawa residence and also the Big "Dango" Family.

Tomoya and Ushio went outside and was met by Yoshino Kouko "Ibuki". Tomoya heard that Kouko's younger sister recovered from the operation and it was a "miracle" for her. She then introduces, her younger sister: Fuko-chan as Tomoya "unquestionably" introduces himself again, due to the lost of memory. Fuko-chan introduces herself to Ushio but then hugs her as "wholly" as she is.

Tomoya and Ushio went back to his father's house so that he could ask his father, Naoyuki to stay with his grandmother, Shino. Knowing the real truth of how his father turned like "what he is" today and regretting the incompetence that he was before. Naoyuki realizes that he had "finished things" already and decided to stay with his grandmother in the place where Tomoya went with his father during childhood.

Watching Naoyuki leaving, Ushio saw a light source that beckons onto Tomoya.

Next Episode Preview

There is a guest that is coming to see Ushio. As Tomoya leaves for something.

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