The Right Arm of the Saint III

The Right Arm of the Saint III is an anime episode of Strike the Blood that was released on 10/18/2013
Strike on Blood
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Plot Summary

The Right Arm of the Saint III
RomajiSeija No Uwan Hen III
Light NovelCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
Opening"Strike the Blood"
Ending"Strike my soul"
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Rudolf calls off Astarte when Kojō started going berserk. Afterwards, Kojō explains to Yukina that he could control himself being an inexperience vampire. Yaze strolls by and overheard Kojō and Yukina's conversation. Yaze asks Yukina if she was in a band when he notices Yukina's backpack. Later, Asagi chats with Kojō about the middle school girl, Yukina. She gets upset when Natsuki calls Kojō to bring Yukina over for guidance. In the office, Natsuki asks Yukina and Kojō if they recognize the victims. After gathering their thoughts, Kojō goes to seek Asagi's help to find out any businesses that operate out of Lotharingia.

Once Asagi finds it, Yukina and Kojō head to the homunculus facility. Then, Rudolf and Astarte appear. Kojō gets infuriated when Rudolf talks about installing a familiar into Astarte's body. It turns out that Rudolf was behind the attacks on the demons. After Kojō tries to beat Astarte and fails, Yukina tries to strike back. However, Rudolf had use the data from observing Yukina, so Astarte has the ability to nullify Yukina's attacks. Before Rudolf could strike Yukina with his axe, Kojō blocks the attack with his body. Rudolf decapitates Kojō's head off right in front of Yukina.

Characters & Voice Actors

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