The Right Arm of the Saint II

The Right Arm of the Saint II is an anime episode of Strike the Blood that was released on 06/11/2011
Strike on Blood
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Plot Summary

The Right Arm of the Saint II
RomajiSeija No Uwan Hen II
Light NovelCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
OpeningStrike the Blood
Ending"Strike my soul"
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In the past, the Lion King organization debriefs Yukina about her task: observing Kojō. Back in the present, a mysterious girl with an umbrella observes the scene at the crash site. Near Kojō's apartment, he learns that Yukina is moving to next to him. In class, Natsuki, Kojō's teacher, asks Kojō about events that happened yesterday. When Kojō asks Natsuki about the Lion King organization, Natsuki tells him that they are their enemy. While Kojō and Yukina shop, Yukina marvels over the hardware things such as the chainsaw as weapon. Heading home, Kojō and Yukina bump into Nagisa, Kojō's friend, who invites them to dinner.

Afterwards, Kojō heads to the convenience store, but he runs into Yukina who is all wet from the bath. Yukina accompanies Kojō due to her job. The two arrive at the store where Yukina gets distracted by the crane game. Kojō plays the game to get the Nekomata toy for Yukina. Then, Natsuki arrives and catches the two for violating the curfew time. When an explosion occur in the city, Kojō grabs Yukina and make a run for it. Yukina leaves Kojō to investigate the scene, and she finds something draining a firey bird. A man with the monocle emerges from the corner and attacks Yukina to eliminate because she is a witness. Yukina manages to fend off the man's attacks until the man summons his familiar, Astarte. As Astarte is about to kill Yukina, Kojō steps in to save Yukina. Though, Kojō suffers massive blood loss and loses control of himself.

Points of Interest

  • Kojō was part of a basketball team back in Saikai Middle School.

Characters & Voice Actors

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