The Right Arm of the Saint I

The Right Arm of the Saint I is an anime episode of Strike the Blood that was released on 10/04/2013
Strike the Blood
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Itogami Island is a manmade island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where summer never ends. A high school student at Saikai Academy, Akatsuki Kojou, is on his way home from studying with his classmates, Aiba Asagi and Yaze Motoki, when he notices a girl in the Saikai Academy middle school uniform following him.

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Plot Summary

The Right Arm of the Saint I
RomajiSeija No Uwan Hen I
Light NovelCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
Ending"Strike the Blood"
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During a festival, Kojō spots a young woman tripped, and when he saw the woman's nape, he struggles to restrain his hunger. Next day, he chats with his classmates. Later on, Kojō notices he is being followed by a young girl, Yukina. When he runs into Yukina, Yukina immediately defend herself and calls Kojō the 4th Progenitor. Kojō tries to get away and speaking Italian. Then, two thugs try to hit on Yukina. Kojō notices that the two thugs are not ordinary, a therianthrope and a D type vampire. Yukina attacks and knocks one of the guy. The D type vampire summons his familiar, Shakutei. Though, Yukina defeats the D type's familiar with Sekkarou. Before Yukina could deal the final blow, Kojō interrupts them and tells the D type to leave the scene. As Kojō lectures her not to use her magic to beat up people for looking at her panties, Yukina gets upset and leaves Kojō after calling him disgusting. Kojō notices Yukina had left her wallet.

Over at Yukina's middle school, Kojō tries to find Yukina to return the wallet. When he did not find her, he sneaks a peek in Yukina's wallet. Yukina finds Kojō getting a nosebleed after sniffing her wallet. Kojō has Yukina buy him lunch when he notices her stomach is growling, assuming Yukina lives alone. At the fast food restaurant, Yukina explains that she was sent here to observe him. She asks Kojō if he is hiding here to build his dominion. Kojō replies that he was a normal student 3 months ago. Yukina wonders if Kojō consumed the Progenitor. Kojō states that he does not know why the Fourth Progenitor chose him. When Kojō tries to remember, he gets a headache from a flashback of a little girl surrounded by flames.

Later that night, a young girl asks the same thugs who attacked Yukina to play with her. Then, a mysterious man appeared behind the young girl.

Points of Interest

  • 3 months ago, Kojō was a normal student.

Yukina Himeragi's School ID's Information

  • Student Number: 4077-334-679
  • Year and Class: Middle School 3-C
  • Date of Birth: Jan. 7

Characters & Voice Actors

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