Bleach #5 - The Right Arm Of The Giant

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 02/01/2005

Plot Summary

BLEACH - Vol. 5

The Right Arm Of The Giant

Ichigo Kurosaki thought that Soul Reapers were the only ones hunting Hollows, but he was wrong. Enter Uryû Ishida, a Quincy, and possibly the last member of a powerful clan that died out over 200 years ago. Unlike Soul Reapers who strive to cleanse Hollows of their sins and send them to the Soul Society, Quincies adopt a more direct approach--they kill Hollows without hesitation. To demonstrate the supremacy of the Quincies' ways, Uryû challenges Ichigo to a contest--bait is spread around the city, attracting a large number of unstable Hollows. Whoever defeats the most wins, regardless of the danger.

Also, Orihime and Chad, confronted with a host of Hollows terrorizing their friends, awaken to their own psychic abilities. Who is the strongest? Find this out and more in the action-packed fifth volume of Tite Kubo's Bleach!


Chapter 035. Can You Be My Enemy?.....Pg.

Chapter 036.For the Sake of Revenge, Lead us to Death.....Pg.

Chapter 037. Crossing The Rubicon.....Pg.

Chapter 038. Bent.....Pg.

Chapter 039. Rightarm of the Giant.....Pg.

Chapter 040. Grow?.....Pg.

Chapter 041. Princess & Dragon.....Pg.

Chapter 042. Princess & Dragon PART.2 "The Majestic".....Pg.

Chapter 043. Princess & Dragon PART.3 "Six Flowers".....Pg.

Moves This Volume

Column HeadColumn Head
Uryuuu Ishida
Orihime InoueSanten Kesshu
Souten Kishun
Koten Zanshun



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Tite Kubo artist, cover, writer,



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