The Revelation

The Revelation is an anime episode of The Legend of Korra that was released on 04/21/2012

Episode 3: The Revelation

As Korra continues training for pro-bending and airbending, tensions mount in the anti-bending group called The Equalists. When brothers Mako and Bolin need money to continue playing in the tournament, a tragedy strikes that calls for Korra to help. But what Korra discovers is that The Equalists and their enigmatic leader Amon are not to be taken lightly.

Plot Summary

While the Fire Ferrets train in the gym of the Bending Arena, Korra comments on how lucky they are that they get to play such exciting matches and live a free life. Mako lamentfully informs her that their parents died a while ago, leaving them orphans as she retracts her statement. During this time, the Bending Arena manager arrives to give the team their earnings from the match but quickly takes it back to pay off various debts the two brothers incured while living at the arena. He also mentions that there is a 30,000 yuan entry fee to play in the tournament that they need to have it by the end of the week or they can't play. Asking Korra for money, she reveals that she doesn't have a penny to her name as they come up with ideas for money. Bolin suggests becoming street performers but Mako denies this. Despite the objection, he attempts to do this as Shady Shin, a recruiter for the Triple Threat Triads, approaches him. The two discuss things, revealing that they know one another, as Shin offers Bolin a large sum of money to help with the gang once more.

Mako and Korra chase the Equalists
Mako and Korra chase the Equalists

As Mako arrives home from the power plant he works at, he finds Bolin is no where to be found. He goes to see Korra on Air Temple Island who is practicing her airbending techniques. She shoos Jinora and Ikki away who let it out that she likes Mako as he asks if she has seen his brother. Concerned, she calls Naga to help track Bolin down as they arrive at the train station where he was earlier. Mako meets a street kid named Skoochy who states he did see Bolin and Shady Shin together and Bolin left to rejoin the Triads. The two run off to find him at a bar he was meeting Zolt, leader of the Triads, as it sounds like a gang war is about to erupt. Instead, they see a group of masked men abduct the members of the Triads and drive off with them. Mako and Korra chase them but end up fighting two of the thugs as their bending is blocked by chi attacks. Mako knows that The Equalists kidnapped his brother.

Korra and Mako spend the rest of the night searching to no avail. Korra then remembers a protester she met on her first day in town as they wait in the park overnight. During this time, Korra asks what happened to Mako's parents. He tells her about how a firebender mugged them and killed them in front of his eyes. Ever since then, he's been looking out for his younger brother and did what it took to survive; going as far as to run numbers for the Triads. The two fall asleep as they are awoken by the antics of the protester. They give him the shake down as they demand to know where they were taken and what is the mysterious Revelation he's been going on about. He refuses to tell them anything as a police officer interrupts, the two leaving with fliers. Analyzing them, they discover that there is a map on the back of them that leads to a factory where they sneak in. Korra is amazed by the number of anti-bending patrons there are in attendance.

Amon reveals his power
Amon reveals his power

Amon and his Lieutenant take the stage as Amon greets the crowd with a speech telling the tale of how he became the leader of The Equalists. He states that the spirits are angry with the Avatar and that bending has been the cause of every major war in history. He claims that the spirits have given him a power and that is what The Revelation is: his power to take away the ability to bend. Amon demonstrates on a group of benders he captured, including Bolin. The first is the leader of the Triple Threat Triads Zolt as the two fight. However, Amon grabs Zolt and after a minut, Zolt's energy is drained and his bending extinguished. Korra wants to rush the stage but Mako knows that wouldn't be smart. Instead, he suggests she opens up the steam pipes in the room to create a distraction as he goes to retrieve his brother. After knocking out a guard, her diversion works just before Amon can attack Bolin. The brothers escape in the panic as they are attacked by the Lieutenant.

Unable to keep up the pace with his lightning based attacks, Korra defends the two as she knocks out the Lieutenant and calls for Naga. They are able to escape as The Equalists wish to pursue but Amon calls them off. He knows that the Avatar as the messenger for his abilities is all too perfect. Back on Air Temple Island, Tenzin is relieved to see Korra as she solemnly tells him about what Amon can do. He realizes that this is the ancient art of energybending, something his father used to defeat Ozai. Tenzin wonders how a person learned this as it was thought only the Avatar could bend energy. The two realize now that The Equalists and the revolution brewing in the city are much more dangerous than they could have predicted.

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Michael Dante DiMartino Writer Michael Dante DiMartino is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.
Bryan Konietzko Writer Bryan Konietzko is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.
Joaquim Dos Santos Animation Director Joaquim Dos Santos is a notable animation director.
Ki Hyun Ryu Animation Director Ki Hyun Ryu is a notable animation director.


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