The Requirements of Wolves

The Requirements of Wolves is an anime episode of Area 88 OVA that was released on 11/09/1985

 Rocky is also taken up on a fighter mission as a ride-along, in order to get into Shin's head, flying with Bucksey, with Mickey as wingman. However, Bucksey's plain is hit with a missile, with both Bucksey and Rocky being killed.

Back in Japan, Yamato Airlines is celebrating its 30 anniversary, and Kanzaki continues to woo Ryoko. While sitting and leafing through some magazine, she finds a picture of Shin at Area 88 taken by Rocky in Life Magazine. Unfortunately, Kanzaki finds the same issue and discovers that Shin is still alive. Ryoko does some research and is able to put the pieces together and figure out what happened to Shin. Ryoko's attempt to find Shin is thwarted by Kanzaki, who makes contact with organized crime and puts a contract on Shin's life.

Shortly afterward, Phoenix Charlie, a veteran of Area 88 returns for another tour of duty, and he's particularly interested in meeting Shin. Ryoko's attempts to reach Aslan are continually thwarted by Kanzaki, though she has a chance encounter with Saki on her flight. However, the flight has had bombs planted on the wings, set to go off in three hours or when it goes below a certain point. The bombs will be de-activated if Saki is killed.

Saki contacts Area 88 and has Shin take his fighter up to shoot the plastic explosives off the plane, leaving Kanzaki horrified with the thought that his life lies in the hands of the man he betrayed. Shin and Micky skim inverted underneath the airliner and successfully shot the bombs off.

In the Aslan war, a new opponent threatens the foreign legion – the Wolf Pack – a force of MiGs that crushes Area 81 in a massive airstrike, based out of Germany. Shortly afterward, they come for Area 88, and Saki joins the fighters in the air to take out the Wolf Pack. A gigantic dogfight ensues, and in the confusion Charlie tries to kill Shin. Shin is shot down once again, but manages to eject. Charlie, on the other hand, is killed when seagulls smash through his cockpit and are sucked into his intakes. Shin walks away from the wreckage of his crashed plain, swearing to return to Japan and never go back to Area 88. Instead, he staggers, dehydrated and exhausted, back to Area 88.

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Kaneto Shiozawa ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Makio Inoue ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Shigeharu Shiba Audio Director Sound Director for Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, and other notable series.
Kaoru Shintani Original Concept
Hisayuki Toriumi Director
Akiyoshi Sakai Writer
Mitsuki Nakamura Art Director
Ichiro Nitta Music
Toshiyasu Okada Animation Director


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