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The Real Six Funeral Wreaths Attack! is an anime episode of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! that was released on 06/25/2010
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Reborn! episode 190 review Reviewed by JasonBog on Aug. 11, 2010. JasonBog has written 42 reviews. His/her last review was for A Game of Tag. 134 out of 139 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 3 users found this review helpful.
An overdrawn story recap at the beginning of the episode? Some hastily executed exposition as well as some awkward melancholy moments? Yup, this is the anime arc of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! that is based on the canon manga material all right and how all us Reborn! fans have missed (?) it after a surprisingly-great-yet-very-filler-ass-filler filler arc. Rest assured that I've already watched episodes beyond this one so I know for sure that it will be "gettin' good," but for now I call this episode as I see it: an episode that is the setup for events to come that doesn't hide it's sad reason for existing. 
 Behold! The power of the widescreen format!
 Behold! The power of the widescreen format!
After Tsuna and his Vongola friends have gotten the "inheritance" from their predecessors which will allegedly make their Vongola Boxes more powerful, the whole crew make their return to the dystopian future where Byakuran and his Real Six Funeral Wreaths lurk to steal Yuni away to secure their worldwide domination. And pretty much what happens for the bulk of the first episode half: the crew returns...and after some time-consuming leisure minutes, their enemy finally catches up to them. 
JBog sez: "When in doubt, always trust that shady guy who knows a good cup of ramen"
JBog sez: "When in doubt, always trust that shady guy who knows a good cup of ramen"
Thankfully the episode does pick itself up when this happens. The Vongola Base is now being torn to shreds by Funeral Wreath member Zakuro with only Squalo to bid the Vongola team some time to get the crap away from there. From here it's a frantic escape (when Tsuna finally realizes they need to make haste anyway) to keep Yuni from any harm. Surprisingly, who else but Haru saves the day when she tells the crew of a place that she always hangs out that none of the Millefiore would know about. Unfortunately for the party, the old lady friend to Haru has passed away, but thankfully who else but the shady guy who both looks after the Kawahira Realtor with an iron grip on ramen as well as knows way too much for a civilian to know, holds a helping hand to the team. 
Overall as the start-up to the (finally!) final leg of the Future arc in the Reborn! anime, it was an episode that had far too few noteworthy moments to make it worth being a full honest-to-goodness episode, but hey, we all get to see Squalo get knocked down a few pegs and see one very awesome new character show up which is definitely worth something in the end.
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