The Real GUNVARREL Is Standing Right There

The Real GUNVARREL Is Standing Right There is an anime episode of Robotics;Notes that was released on 02/15/2013
At last, the big robot expo in Tokyo gets underway! The diminished Robot Research Club finally gets to show off its robot, and Akiho finally gets the chance to see her sister again.

Plot Summary

Akiho gives Kaito a mini hug
Akiho gives Kaito a mini hug

Kaito, Akiho and Mitsuhiko arrive at Tokyo after 20 hours of driving in a truck. After taking a look at the entrance to the Expo, the three decide to book 2 hotel rooms for the night, with Akiho and Kaito sharing the same room.

Later, as Kaito plays Kill Ballad Online to pass the time, he encounter Tagiringer, Misaki's Kill Ballad avatar, and he attempts to battle it. In the middle of the battle, Mizuka's ghost appears in front of Kaito to condemn him for not saving her. Then she falls off the cliff for a second time. Shocked, Kaito wakes up in a panic and notices Akiho staring at him. Akiho consoles and tells him that she wants to be there for him. Hearing Akiho's words, Kaito asks her if she wants to stay up for the rest of the night and the two decide to watch the entire series of Gunvarrel. At the expo, Kaito and Akiho meet an employee from Exoskeleton and that find out that Misaki is at the expo too. Excited to show her robot to her older sister, Akiho leaves to finish setting it up. While she does that, Kaito asks the employee where he could find Misaki.

Kaito confronts Misaki about her involvement with Kimijima and Airi
Kaito confronts Misaki about her involvement with Kimijima and Airi

Later in the day, Kaito ambushes Misaki at a parking lot. Kaito tells Misaki the final words of Mizuka and reminds her that it was her power suit that had killed Mizuka. Seeing that he won't leave her alone, Misaki decides that they should talk in the car. After telling Misaki about his meeting with Toshiyuki Sawada, Kaito begins to question Misaki about her relation to Kimijima and Airi and why she continues to push Akiho away. For a moment, Kaito has a flashback where he visits the real Airi and discovers that she is not as the Airi he had come to know. Then Misaki responds to his question by telling him that Akiho is mediocre and Kaito should have been the one to look after her while Misaki was gone.

At the expo, a group hecklers knocked Akiho to the ground by throwing a bottle at her while she was on a ladder. After Sumio chases them off, Kaito notices that Toshiyuki is looking for someone in the crowd. Later, when Akiho and Kaito present the GunBuild during exoskeleton's exhibit. The crowd gathers around the GunGuild-2 for a moment, but soon disappears. It isn't until after they see the GunBuild-2 through their phones that they begin to get excited. Then the crowd becomes disappears after learning that the GunBuild is modeled after Gunvarrel and they leave. Only one boy stays behind to watch and Akiho makes the GunBuild pose for him.

Sawada points his gun
Sawada points his gun

On a stage, Akiho is interviewed in front of a crowd. Unlike her usual self, she shyly tells the audience that she plans that she will win the grand prize. The interviewer then asks is she has spoken with her sister, but Akiho tells her that she has not even seen her. After the interview Akiho tries to enter the Exoskeleton waiting, but is stopped by Kaito. Akiho asks why Kaito is blocking her way into the room, but Kaito does not respond. She figures out that he is hiding a secret and decides to the room. When Kaito and Akiho enter the room, they find Misaki in a mech suit. Then Sawada appears in the room and points a gun Misaki. He tells her to freeze, but Misaki tries to make a run for it. This provokes Sawada into firing his gun.

Points of Interest

  • The hotel TV disappears after Kaito wakes up from his nightmare and is replaced by an empty desk.
  • Misaki's robot in the Kill Ballad Online game is called Tagiringer.

Characters & Voice Actors

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5pb (creator) Original Concept 5pb is a company that published and created Robotic;Notes visual novel game that spawn an anime and manga adaptation.
Kazuya Nomura Director Kazuya Nomura is the director of the Robotic;Notes anime series.
Haruki OP Theme Song: "Houkyou no Messiah"
Kanako Itou ED Theme Song: "Topology"


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