The Rain of Bones/Dub (Faust Love)

The Rain of Bones/Dub (Faust Love) is an anime episode of Shaman King that was released on 10/17/2001

Faust Love "Fausuto Ravu" (ファウスト·ラヴ)

Faust is slowly pushing his hand inside Manta and picking his brain and this act has made Yoh very angry. However, this is Faust's strategy to make Yoh waste his energy before the official fight has begin.
Near the end of the battle, Yoh is exhausted and enrages Faust by calling his Eliza a doll causing Faust to waste his furyoko. However, Yoh has lost to Eliza as his oversoul shatter and Admidamaru comes out of Yoh's Harusame. Although Faust won the fight, Faust is still angry and summons a giant skeleton to destroy Yoh. Anna and Silva rushes to save Yoh, but Ren Tao emerges out of nowhere and crushed Faust's oversoul. Faust falls into Eliza's arms. Ren says he will have the pleasure of fighting and beating Yoh in his next fight. 

Anime and Manga Differences

  1.  In the manga, Yoh break Eliza's legs, but he spend all of his furyoko causing him to lose. In the anime, Yoh fails to break her legs and lost to Eliza.
  2. In the manga, when Yoh called Faust's Eliza a doll, Faust goes into a rage while telling them Eliza is his wife. In the anime, Faust tells who Eliza is after telling Yoh his goal in Shaman King. This is before Yoh enrages Faust.

Censorship in the dub for Jetix and Foxbox

  •  A scene was cut out to avoid gun references. See picture.
  • The cross that Manta is tied to in the Japanese version is fatten up in the dub version. See picture.

Dub versus Sub

Although in the manga and sub, Faust is called a necromancer, in the dub anime, he is called a boneyard sorcerer.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiroyuki Takei Writer Creator of the Shaman King manga. Currently he teamed up with Stan Lee to create a new manga called Ultimo.


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