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The Qwaser of Stigmata is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 2 anime series, 1 manga series
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A place of Christian gatherings where holy ceremonies and rituals take place a swell as education.


Earth is the third planet in the sol system, in the outer arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Most noticed for it's blue appearance due to the massive bodies of water that surround it.

Hot Spring

Naturally created hot baths. People usually bathe in them nude or wearing a towel, they are popular in Japan.


The Island nation of Far East Asia, and the setting for the vast majority of Anime and Manga.

Roman Curia Suirei Academy

It is a highly-advanced all-girls school where Sasha infiltrates to look for the "Magdala of Thunder".


A place where education take place.

St. Mihailov Academy

An Eastern Orthodox school in Japan which is home to the students of the series Seikon no Qwaser. The school is targeted by the Twelve Adepts due to them believing that Theotokos of Tsarytsin lies within its walls.

Swimming Pool

A construction made to held large ammounts of water for people to swim in. Sometimes these includes trampolines and boards to jump of from.

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