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The Qwaser of Stigmata is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 2 anime series, 1 manga series
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Alexander Nikolaevich Hell

Aleksandr (a.k.a. "Martyr Sasha") is the girlish-looking Qwaser of Iron who has been chosen by the Eastern Orthodox Church to hunt down the heretic qwasers. After witnessing the murder of his sister Olja at the hands of the Golden Qwaser, he was left with a scar down his left eye that is shaped like an Eastern Cross.

Aoi Kuchiba

Twin sister of Yuu who tried to support him when he was trained by the Adepts, ends up asking Sasha to kill him instead.


Astarte is a little girl that have spent most of her life in the Adept's secret hide-out. It's said that she has the potential to become a high level Maria.

Ayame Satsuki

Ayame is one of Sasha's classmates in the Roman Curia Suirei Academy.

Ayana Minase

Qwaser of Magnesium and one of the Adepts, disguises herself as Mafuyu and Tomo's friend to find the Theotokos.

Clifford C.J. Crawford

Clifford C.J. Crawford is the Priest Supervisor of Meteora, an organization which is part of Athos.


Qwaser of Chlorine who "cleansed" several ethnic Serbians, including those of Teresa's old church.


Edgar is a student of the St. Mihailov Academy and the assistant of the fortune-teller Madam Lily (Miyuri). He was a slave of Frederich Tanner and was abused by him into constructing The Noah of Gold

Ekaterina Kurae

An impish little Russian girl nicknamed "Katja" who appears innocent but is quite domineering in private. Ekaterina is the Qwaser of Copper who uses a copper puppet she calls both "Anastasia" and "Mother" for her own ends.


The Qwaser of Titanium and student of Mr. Ootori who wields a giant sword named "Excalibur."

Eva Silver

The Qwaser of Mercury and a brutal sadist who often creates masochistic clones of herself around to regenerate her own body.


Fool is a fallen adept and loyal servant of Gregory, the Qwaser of Gold.

Friedrich Tanner

Subtle German terrorist who seeks the power of the Theotokos to destabilize Europe and resurrect the Holy Roman Empire.

Fumika Mitarai

Meek, timid class president who has a crush on Sasha.

Georg Tanner

Friedrich's brother and the Qwaser of Cobalt. Though more narcissistic and prideful than his brother, he shares his vision of a new Holy Roman Empire.

Hana Katsuragi

Acting as Miyuri's sidekick, Hana assists her in bullying Mafuyu and Tomo in addition to hiding either lolicon or homosexual feelings for Ekaterina "Katja" Kurae.


Jackal is the twelfth of the Adepts and a qwaser with mastery of lead.

Jita Phrygianos

Jita is a qwaser with mastery of Carbon and member of the Adepts. She is Joshua's sister.

Joshua Phrygianos

Qwaser with mastery of Roentgenium, a useless element on Earth. Though a member of the Adepts, Joshua is more comic relief than the others.

Lee Mei

Lee Mei is a member of Meteora in the Seikon no Qwaser series.

Leon Max Muller

Leon is a member of Meteora in the Seikon no Qwaser series.

Lulu Shiizaki

Lulu is a student of the St. Mihailov Academy, she has the best grades of her class.

Mafuyu Oribe

The main female character of Seikon no Qwaser, Mafuyu is the adopted daughter of St. Mihailov's last dean, and the self-proclaimed protector of Tomo.


Milk is the fourth of the adepts and a qwaser with mastery of hydrogen.

Miyuki Seta

Miyuki Seta is the head of the school board in the Roman Curia Suirei Academy.

Miyuri Tsujidou

Daughter of the Dean of St. Mihailov Academy. Uses her status to bully Tomo and Mafuyu, while lavishing Katja with expensive gifts.

Mutsumi Sendo

She is a normal student of St. Mihailov Academy. She was Sasha's first Maria.

Nami Okiura

Nami is the student council vice-president at St. Mihailov Academy.


Nikuma is a burly woman and the best strategist of Athos according to Teresa.

Sanada Doukan

Doukan is the fifth of the adepts and is the one that look after the little Astarte.

Shinichiro Ōtori

Wise old man searching for the Theotokos of Tsaritsyn on his own. Also happens to be a Qwaser.

Tasuku Fujiomi

Tasuku is the Qwaser of neodymium and Mutsumi's partner.

Teresa Beria

A Serbian Orthodox nun that serves at St. Mihailov. Along with her usual chores around the church, she also serves as a willing donor of Soma to Martyr Sasha. It is unknown why she has animal-like ears, but no one seems to notice or care that much.

Tomo Yamanobe

Daughter of St. Mihailov's last dean and currently best friend and roommate of Mafuyu. Used as a puppet by the Qwaser of Magnesium. Currently has a golden nail stuck inside her that drains her Soma until she dies. Somehow related to the Icon of Tsaritsyn.

Tsubasa Amano

Tsubasa is one of Sasha's classmates in the Roman Curia Suirei Academy.

Urada Oikawa

The busty school nurse with knowledge of the Qwasers.

Wan Chen

Wan Chen is a qwaser with mastery of Silicon and the second of the Adepts.

Yumie Hiragi

Yumie is the student council president at St. Mihailov Academy.

Yuri Noda

The mysterious priest who works at the church in St. Mikhailov Academy, but also has connections to Athos.

Yuu Kuchiba

The Qwaser of Oxygen and another one of the Adepts.

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