The quarrel under the moon! The pirate flag which waves sadly!

The quarrel under the moon! The pirate flag which waves sadly! is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 06/12/2005

Water Seven Arc

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On the Going Merry, Chopper comes out of the cabin to announce Usopp is awake. Usopp clings to Zoro's leg and apologizes.

hey finally have to break the news to Usopp about the Going Merry's condition. Luffy tries to play it off casually that they will be switching ships. Usopp thinks the switch is because of lack of funds now. Zoro has to step in as the argument becomes heated.

No one seems to want to tell Usopp how damaged the Going Merry is, but he forces the issue. He refuses to except it and blames Luffy for believing the Galley-La Company so easily. He claims that he'll fix the ship and tries crawling. Luffy has to remind him that he's not a shipwright.

The roof of the cabin in the Going Merry seems to be tiled.

Usopp refuses to leave the Going Merry under any condition and accuses Luffy again of playing captain. Nami tries to step in, but Luffy cuts her off. He's made his decision. Usopp in turn claims Luffy is only pretneding to care about the Merry. Sanji attempts to calm things down this time, but Usopp keeps shouting.

Luffy shoves Usopp down and tells him that the choice wasn't easy. Luffy tells him if he doesn't like it he can leave. Sanji suddenly strikes Luffy across the room.

The wood panel in this scene are going in the wrong direction, and the helm of the Going Merry is severely out of scale.

Sanji warns Luffy not to shout such thins carelessly. Luffy sits up and apologizes for his choice of words, but Usopp sees them as his true feelings. He says Luffy moves forward and casts away anyone or anything he sees as useless. To this, Sanji warns Usopp about his words.

Usopp is serious. He's known for a while that he can't match everyone's strength and again accuses Luffy of not needing weak people in his crew. He says the only bond he has to the crew is because they invited him. Sanji asks where Usopp is going, as he leaves the cabin. He tells them it's non of their business where he goes anymore. He's no longer part of the crew. Everyone but Luffy and Zoro move after him.

Nami pleads with Luffy to go after him. With Luffy no saying anything. She rushes out to get him to return.

Luffy and Zoro exit the cabin, and Luffy flashes on his memories with Usopp.

Usopp stops and challenges Luffy to a fight for the rights to the Going Merry. No matter the outcome, he says their friendship is over.

Later that evening, Nami talks with Luffy alone in the boy's cabin, but Luffy hardly responds. If it was a matter that could be settled by words it would of happened already.

In the upper level cabin, Sanji asks Zoro why he didn't pulverize the Franky Family when he first ran into them on the ship. Zoro turns it back on him why he wasn't around while he was shopping, but Nami silences it all.

Chopper returns from chasing after Usopp, but he refused treatment and sent Chopper away. He even told Chopper they were no longer crew mates. Again, the helm of the Going Merry seems out of proper proportion.

Nami feels like the group is shattering.

In Iceburg's office he ponders over the Straw Hat crew. The wanted poster of Robin on his wall seems to have the bounty amount crossed out.

At the Going Merry, Luffy stands ready for his duel and orders everyone not to step off the ship. Usopp arrives and everyone flashes on their memories of him.

Usopp claims he has a plan to defeat Luffy.

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Eiichiro Oda Character Artist/Designer Eiichiro Oda is the creative mind behind the popular manga/anime One Piece series.


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