The Possessed Girl

The Possessed Girl is an anime episode of Hell Girl that was released on 10/11/2005

Episode 2: The Possessed Girl

The Possessed Girl (魅入られた少女) Miirareta Shōjo

Ryoko Takamura has been dealing with a persistent stalker for the better part of a year and has gone mad from the unwanted attention. Deciding there is no other option, she contacts the Hell Correspondence for help in dealing with this matter. With the price of sending her tormentor to hell weighing on her mind, Ryoko discovers the dark truth behind her mysterious lover.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme: Sakasama no Chō by SNoW

Late at night, Ryoko Takamura is anxiously waiting for the Hell Correspondence to go live at midnight as someone stands outside the house, looking up at her window as he rings the phone. As soon as she gets access to the website, she pleads with the other side for help as it is shown that the man outside her house is a stalker who leaves a haunting message on her house's answering machine. Her father threatens him as he chases the man in his car away as Ryoko's mother tries to console her upset daughter. Ryoko apologizes, wondering why this has happened to her as she receives a text message, stating her request has been received from Ai. Her father goes to the investigators on this case the next day as he chastises the young police investigator, Akimoto, for not catching the culprit as its been over a year since this started. Akimoto's partner Kōichirō Kisaragi enters, asking Akimoto to leave for a while. Kisaragi tells Ryoko's father that they have found that Akimoto is the stalker and they are working hard to take down the young police officer and request their patience as they will arrest him soon.

Ryoko is driven to school as her father consoles her, hinting that the stalker will soon be arrested. She receives a text message from him as she breaks down once more, her father trying to comfort her once more. When Ryoko gets to school, she is approached by a woman and asked to follow her. Doing so, Ryoko is taken to the Realm of Eternal Twilight as the woman reveals herself as Hone. Ren and Wanyuudou enter the field with Ai as they ask Ryoko how much does she hate this man to want to take revenge. She recounts about how a year ago, she received love letters daily and then bizarre gifts such as wilted flowers and insects. She even tells about how the stalker snuck into her room to leave her a lolita outfit. Ryoko cries, telling about how much this has traumatized her and stressed her family off. Taking pity on her situation, Ai agrees to help as Wanyuudou takes the form of the straw doll as Ai goes over the rules for how their services work before transporting Ryoko back to school.

As her father waits for her after school, he spots Akimoto standing next to a tree. Angered that he would show up, her father gets out of the car to attack Akimoto but finds him injured and bleeding before Kisaragi attacks him with a shovel. Ryoko looksfor her father as Kisaragi shows up, saying that they finally have arrested her stalker and that he'll take her to the police station. As soon as she gets in the car, she notices the charm on his cell phone as she puts it together that Kisaragi is her stalker as he drives off, leaving Akimoto and her father unconscious in a ditch. Kisaragi takes her to a derelict fast food restaurant as he tells her how much he loves her and why is it she hates his love. Ryoko keeps a finger on the red string on her doll as Kisaragi goes on and on about his admiration for Ryoko in a disturbing manner. Launching at her with the shovel, Ryoko unties the red thread as Wanyuudou announces that they have a deal as Ren shows up, dressed as a police officer as he saves Ryoko while Kisaragi escapes.

Coming across the hospital that Ryoko's father has been admitted to, Kisaragi plans on ending all of this once and for all as Hone watches gleefully. The lights go off as Kisaragi sees the halls flodded with blood and water as ghouls emerge from the water to attack him. Running off after Ren scares him, Kisaragi finds Ryoko crying over her father's body. Attacking them, he discovers they are all skeletons that, in turn, attack him. However, they turn into doppelgangers of himself as he becomes panicked and hysterical. Ren, Hone, and Wanyuudou ask for him to recant for what he has done but he instead blames all of what happened on Ryoko. Ai has heard enough as she kills Kisaragi, ferrying him to hell as Hone begins to attack him on the journey there. A few days later, Ryoko has livened up as she feels a weight has been taken off of her and her family's shoulders. When her parents pick her up, she mournfully looks at the insignia on her chest, a sign of her pact as Ai lights her candle.

Ending Theme: Karinui by Mamiko Noto

Characters & Voice Actors

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Takahiro Omori Director
Hiroshi Watanabe Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.


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