The Planet of Dimensional Voyage

The Planet of Dimensional Voyage is an anime episode of Galaxy Express 999 that was released on 02/22/1979

Plot Summary

"Something that stays constant does not exist." - Narrator

Maetel and the Conductor visit the GE999 computer room
Maetel and the Conductor visit the GE999 computer room
While traveling towards the Ocean Planet, the GE999 comes across an area filled with space debris. The Conductor is confused because, according to the maps and computer systems of the GE999, this should be the location of the Ocean Planet. Maetel tells him that it was likely destroyed and that the debris field is actually the remnants of the planet. While this makes the most sense, Maetel is also unsure exactly how the planet was destroyed in such a quick manner with nobody being aware of it. Without warning, the GE999 begins to spin out of control and crash lands on the surface of a mystery planet.
Maetel busts shots
Maetel busts shots
The GE999's computer are completely stumped about their current location and Tetsuro is angered at the Conductor complete lack of information, but Maetel believes that they are on the Planet of Dimensional Voyage: a planet that is able to travel from one dimension to the next, obliterating any planet that it comes across. Shortly after Maetel makes this discovery, a woman named Egoterina is seen on the horizon along with a troop of soldiers. Egoterina tells the passengers to exit the GE999 or they will be killed. All exit except for Tetsuro, Maetel and the Conductor, who have decided to stay and fight. They do battle and take out many of Egoterina's troops, but eventually they are overwhelmed and captured and taken to Egoterina's palace.
Maetel battles against Egoterina
Maetel battles against Egoterina
Once there, Egoterina treats them to a lavish meal. Tetsuro resists at first but after Maetel begins to eat, he does so as well. Unfortunately, Tetsuro eats like a pig, which disgusts Egoterina and she flips the table over, condemning them all to death out of pure disgust. After being thrown in a dungeon, the trio escapes and decides to destroy the navigation room before leaving the palace so that more planets won't be destroyed by Egoterina. After doing such, they head back towards the GE999 but are confronted by Egoterina. Maetel tells the others to leave and that she will handle her. With the other gone, Maetel proceeds to handily disarm and defeat Egoterina using nothing but a whip and her ace agility. Egoterina begs for Maetel to kill her out of shame for her defeat but she decides to let her live and later tells Tetsuro that she did such because for Egoterina, the damage to her pride would be more humiliating than death.

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