The Phantom Chef

The Phantom Chef is an anime episode of Blue Exorcist that was released on 05/22/2011


Rin and Yukio learn that the demon Ukobach, a cooking familiar who had been appointed by Mephisto to aid them, is responsible for preparing and serving them meals every day. Although they learn that he can be dangerous when someone disrespects his cooking, they also learned that he can also be shy and grateful when complemented for his marvelous food. In the end, him and Rin develop a friendship after sharing their cooking skills, knowledge and techniques to create delicious meals.

Plot Summary

Rin runs off to the cafeteria after being late. He wolfs down his breakfast in front of Yukio. When Yukio tells him to clean up, Rin yells at him to stop being his mother. As the bell rings, all the students run to the cafe. Rin runs and grabs the sandwich which Ryuji grabs at the same time. Bon and Shima tells them to calm down. Rin befriends Bon and calls him by his real name much to Ryuji's chagrin. Yukio appears, and a trio of girls present him boxed lunches. The girls start fighting each other while Ryuji and the others notice Yukio is very popular with the girls. As soon as Yukio notices Rin, he runs and grabs him to get away. Yukio explains that he cannot choose among the girls because it will complicate things. Yet, Rin ignores him when he gazes upon the lavish foods. Rin gets angry when he sees the prices of the food. Yukio restrains him.

At Mephisto's place, he explains that the food in this school has to first class, yet he eats instant ramen. Yukio asks Mephisto for his money; Mephisto presents a 2,000 yen. He tells Rin and Yukio that he will pay them 2,000 yen every month. Yukio restrains Rin from beating up Mephisto. At the grocery store, Yukio tells Rin to cook and that guys who cook are very popular with the ladies. Yet, Yukio plans his attack, and Rin's cooking will solve his problems with those girls. At the dorm, Rin prepares the side dishes and hte lunch for tomorrow. He explains his strategy which Yukio marvels at his skill and wishes that Rin studies as good as he cooks. Although Rin notices something strange, he closes the lights, and a pair of eyes appear under the table. In the morning, Yukio brushes his teeth, and Rin drop kick him for eating all of the side dishes. Yukio denies his accusation. The two brothers realize that someone has always prepare lunches for them. In the cafeteria, the two brothers find Mephisto cooking for them. Mephisto informs he is a replacement for Ukobach, and he explains that Ukobach stopped cooking because Rin went inside his territory to cook. He presents them his special red oatmeal which Rin collapses from eating the dish. Mephisto explains that he will be their cook forever unless Ukobach comes back.

At night, Rin cleans up the kitchen and tells Ukobach to come back. Ukobach throws kitchenware at him, and he finally appears as a small imp with horns and a tail. Yukio runs in the rain to the dorm when he notices an explosion in the kitchen. Rin and Ukobach pant until they collapse. Mephist explains to Yukio that both Rin and Ukobach had a magnificent duel and forged a wonderful friendship. The two did a handshake. The following day, Yukio attempts to eat his brother's cooking when the same trio of girls appear behind him. When Yukio explains that his brother cook them, Rin watches Yukio from afar and thinks he can whoo the girls. Yet, the girls deny that Rin is a cooker which makes Rin eat in misery. Ryuji and his pals pass by Rin, but Ryuji tells his pals to ignore Rin. Meanwhile, Shiemi is at the front door of Yukio and Rin's dorm; Rin arrive later to find her. Shiemi announces that she has a delivery from the shop to Yukio. Yukio tells her to come in for tea. Oomoto of the trio tells her group that Shiemi might be Yukio's girlfriend. Nishiwaki denies it while Oomoto thinks it could be a maid. Hashino tells them to wait for the girl to leave, so they can enter the dorm. In the cafe, Shiemi drinks tea and compliments Ukobach for the good tea. Yukio and Shiemi leave to head back to the shop via using the magic key. Rin and Ukobach wave goodbye while Rin gets jealous after mocking her statement "Thank you Yuki chan." Rin tells Ukobach to stop waving, and Ukobach tells him that he is happy that someone thinks his food is delicious.

Outside the dorm (around midnight), Oomoto thinks Shiemi is waiting inside Yukio's dorm; Hashino declares to sneak in the dorm. Upon finding the side dishes in the refrigerator, Oomoto thinks Shiemi cooks them. This causes the trio to have a wild imagination of Shiemi in a apron where Yukio compliments her. Nashiwaki gets mad and the girls start throwing the food in the trash. Yet, Ukobach appears behind them. As soon as Rin and Yukio run to the kitchen after the girls scream, they find an angry Ukobach cooking the girls. Rin comments that Ukobach forgot to add ginger and a bay leaf before stewing the meet. Rin tells Ukobach about his flashbacks of his cooking. Rin remembers his father trying his omelet, and his father congratulate Rin for his first attempt. With the flashback, he tells Ukobach that they cook because they want to make someone happy when they eat it. Rin asks Ukobach if he is making a good meal. The girls asks Yukio why he will not eat their meals. Rin smacks Yukio since it is his fault. On the following day, Mephisto reassures Yukio that the girls are attending class. Rin and Ukobach bring Yukio a stamina meal which Yukio is about to throw up.

Points of Interests

  • Ukobach could be a one shot character since he may only appear in this episode.
  • This is a filler episode or an episode based on the 4 koma of Blue Exorcist. (please check manga chapters)


  • Japanese Name: "Maboroshi no Ryōrinin" (まぼろしの料理人)
  • Manga Chapter: None
  • Opening Theme: "Core Pride" by Uverworld
  • Ending Theme: "Take Off" by 2PM

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tensai Okamura Director He's the creator of Darker than Black and a director for many shows.
Kazue Kato Original Concept A writer, illustrator, and mangaka. Creator of the manga Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist).
Ryota Yamaguchi Writer
Hiro Maruyama Producer


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