The Perfect Boy – Death the Kid’s Magnificent Mission

The Perfect Boy – Death the Kid’s Magnificent Mission is an anime episode of Soul Eater that was released on 04/21/2008

Plot Summary

Kid Shocked By Insults
Kid Shocked By Insults

The episode began with Kid and his twin gun weapons Liz and Patti chasing after master theif Lupin. They were actually in good shape, and had cornered Lupin in an alley, but as they took a pose, with Patti in the back, then Liz, and then Kid, Kid began to explode. He told Liz that she was slightly off her mark, and Liz being the free spirit she is just hopped back over to where she should have been with a simple sorry and a smile. Kid still enraged, we see Patti simply being embarrassed by the whole thing, this is the first time we get a glimpse of the severe OCD with symmetry that Kid has. Kid afterword complains about his two weapons, and why they couldn't be symmetrical either, like Patti and Liz's breasts. Liz thinks the comment is humorous, while it enrages Patti and she smacks Kid hard, nearly knocking him out and giving Liz another giggle. Liz than begins telling him that his hair isn't symmetrical, talking about the three white lines on the left side of his head. Feeling like a failure, Kid decides he should speak to his father, Shinigami-sama, so he does. He does this by using some type of power to summon him directly.

Kid Summoning Death
Kid Summoning Death

His father tells him of a mission that is of high caliber, that he thinks he could handle. Shinigami-sama explains that there is a Witch causing havoc and Egypt, she keeps bringing back mummies to life with her magic. Death the Kid decides to take on the challenge, so he begins his journey on a skateboard that can fly. While he is traveling, we get a glimpse of our other to teams, Tsubaki and Black Star, and Soul and Maka. They are both reviewing the available missions, and see that a high ranked mission is been taken, and Soul and Black Star are dying to find out who took it. We then see Kid and his two Demon Weapons arrive at the pyramid. When they arrive, Kid mentions the extreme beauty of the structure, the reasoning behind his fascination is the symmetrical features of the pyramid. As they begin to walk through the pyramid, Patti is her usual happy and smiling self, while Liz expresses her fright of the building by cowering behind Patti. Kid remains behind the two, seeming to be in deep concentration with something. Then, the group feels as though they hear something, and the scene changes when we see the Witch Samantha, using mummies to feed her power then send it shooting at the Pharaoh's tomb, but we see mummified hands come out, and grab the Witches head, eventually pulling her in the coffin, consuming her. We still see the Meister and Demon Weapons walking, and Kid then brings up that he isn't sure the picture in his room is straight, he believes it might be slightly tilted to the right. Patti laughs at the comment, as usual, and Liz is first flabbergasted then angry that he would even consider such a thing during a time like that. Then, as the three continue through the tunnels and caverns of the pyramid, they run into a large group of mummies, all waving and having smiles on their faces. One actually licks Liz on the chin, making Patti chuckle, and both scaring and grossing Liz out. Getting prepared to fight, the two Demon Weapons turn their heads to find their Meister is missing. They then find a note basically saying Kid went back to check the symmetry of the picture, and that he would return soon. Patti smiles as Liz becomes highly upset, then, as the mummies advance the girls begin to change into guns, while the other played the role of the Meister, one of the bonuses of having two Demon Weapons. By blasting at the mummies, the girls manage to kill the lot, pressing forward.

However, after getting through the mummies, the Pharaoh quickly took the girls by grabbing them with his wrappings, trapping the girls in a very attractive way.

Liz And Patti Fighting As Meister And Weapon
Liz And Patti Fighting As Meister And Weapon

and causing and decided to go after the mummy-controlling witch residing at the pyramid of Anubis, as she had been collecting a lot of souls to revive the Pharoah. Worried about the symmetry of a picture hanging in his room back home, Kid left his weapons to fend for themselves in the mummy-infested pyramid. The sisters managed to defeat the mummies only to be captured by the Pharaoh. Soon after, Kid returns from his trip home, satisfied that the picture was indeed perfectly symmetrical. He begins to enter the ancient tomb, but cannot seem to find his two meisters, and he begins to worry. When he finds them, they are caught up in the wrappings of what is assumed the Pharaoh, looking very appealing and attractive to kid. When he eventually snaps out of the daze, he helps Patti and Liz escape the Pharaoh's grip, but cannot bring himself to actually attack the enemy. He can't do this because the Pharaoh's casket is perfectly symmetrical, so he eventually gets beat down by the monster. However, the

Kid Destroys The Structure
Kid Destroys The Structure

Pharaoh eventually reveals himself from under the covering, and he is not symmetrical at all. This enrages Kid, telling the Pharaoh that he is disgusting and shouldn't be allowed to live, and eventually starts blasting at the thing, killing it with a large blast that puts a hole through the entire structure and can be seen from a far distance. Finally when the meisters leave, the entire structure collapses, throwing Kid into a depressive-like state.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tsubaki Nakatsukasa ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
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