The People of the Plains

The People of the Plains is an anime episode of Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic that was released on 10/28/2012
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By capturing the dungeon Amon, Alibaba realizes his dream of becoming wealthy, but there's no sign of Aladdin, who finds himself among the once-great Kouga clan. Held together by their leader, Baba, Aladdin perceives there is something special about them.
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Plot Summary

Kouga clan enjoying themselves
Kouga clan enjoying themselves

Budel tries to cheer up Alibaba who is still missing his best friend who is gone for three days. When a man tells him that a child is waiting outside, Alibaba runs down to meet Aladdin only to see Morgiana. Morgiana asks him why he free the slaves, and Alibaba explains it's what Aladdin would do. He hitches a ride towards his destination. In a flashback, Aladdin asks Ugo who he is. When he wakes up, he sees an elderly lady welcoming him. She appears to see the Rukh just like Aladdin. Toya comes to fetch her grandmother, and Aladdin goes outside to see a lively village. A group of men and Dorji arrive back to the village, and one man reports to Baba that one village has been invaded. When Dorji cheers everyone, Aladdin joins with Ugo who frightens everyone. The men asks Aladdin where he comes from, and Aladdin gets an answer where Qishan is. He is shocked to hear it would take two years to get back home. That night, Aladdin sees the clans people celebrating, and when Baba mentions family, he remember Ugo telling him that he has no family. Baba tells Aladdin that he is part of their family, and Aladdin smiles. He hugs Baba with such joy. Elsewhere, an army lies await.

Hakuei Ren and her followers
Hakuei Ren and her followers

Next day, Toya sees Aladdin drinking milk directly from a horse's teat. Dorji tries to reassure Toya that he will protect her. When Aladdin rides a horse that freaks out, a noble woman helps him. The noble woman introduces herself as Hakuei Ren, and she informs Baba and the her tribe that her empire, Kou, will welcome the clan into their empire. However, everyone opposes Hakuei's proposal for unification. When Toya asks Hakuei if she wants to drink horse's milk, Ryosai pushes Toya to the ground. Ryosai's words infuriate the clan, and Dorji attempts to attack Ryosai. Yet, Hakuei's right hand woman block the hit. Hakuei calms down her men and tells everyone to retreat back to camp. That night, Aladdin arrives to talk to Hakuei. He requests Hakuei not to kill Baba's clan which is like his family. When Hakuei promise, the Rukh hovers around her, and Aladdin believes her. Aladdin flies off, and while he rides on Ugo, he asks Ugo what he spoke to Amon about. Then, Aladdin notices something happening. In the village, Dorji rallies his men to bring back the women, and Baba tells them to not kill anyone. Aladdin arrives to the village late. The Kou men harass the women and state that they will make profit off the women after breeding with them. Dorji's men reach the enemy, and Dorji struggles to hold back, but once he sees Toya hurt, he swings his sword down.

Elsewhere, Aladdin asks Baba what a Magi is. Baba explains that a man who cleared a dungeon helped create the great Kouga empire. Aladdin informs Baba that Hakuei promise not to fight the Kouga clan. As the Kouga clan arrive back with the women, Dorji explains that they didn't kill anyone. Baba tells them that they must submit to the empire because they must protect their lives without going to war. By the campfire, Baba teases Dorji to man up in front of Toya and everyone. Baba walks away from the campfire to reflect on things. Suddenly, an arrow strikes Baba's back, and Baba falls over.

Manga & Anime Differences

The episode covers the arc quickly, so minute scenes are excluded. These are the following manga scenes that were not revealed.

  • When the Kou empire attacked and kidnapped the Kouga women, a man holds Toya with knife at her throat.
  • One of the Kou empire soldiers comes back to report that the Kouga clan attacked them.


  • Japanese Name: "Sousei no Mahoutsukai" (創世の魔法使い)
  • Manga Chapter: 17-21
  • Opening Theme: "V.I.P." by SID
  • Ending Theme: "Yubi Bōenkyō" by Nogizaka46

Characters & Voice Actors

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Shinobu Ohtaka Original Concept Manga artist


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