Shaman King #4 - The Over Soul

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 08/04/1999

Plot Summary

The "Shaman Fight in Tokyo" is approaching, and talent scouts are scouring the world for contestants. Who's doing the scouting? The Patch, the Native American people who have overseen the Shaman Fight since the dawn of time. But to try and fail means more than just a sharp put-down: if Yoh can't beat Silva and his five animal spirits, he won't get another chance for 500 years. As shaman, wizards and holy folk alike gather for the preliminaries, Yoh finds himself matched up with his first real opponent, Horohoro - a powerful young shaman representing the oldest culture is Japan.


Japanese Release Date: August 4, 1999.

American Release Date: September 7, 2004.

Note: These are Japanese translations and may differ from official dub titles.

Reincarnation 27: The New Battle - "Aratanaru tatakai" (新たなる闘い)

Reincarnation 28: Silva Style - "Shiruba sutairu" (シルバ·スタイル)

Reincarnation 29: Over Soul

Reincarnation 30: Silva's Totem Pole - "Aitsu no tōtemu pōru" (あいつのトーテムポール)

Reincarnation 31: The Oracle Pager - "Getto a orakuru beru" (ゲット ア オラクルベル)

Reincarnation 32: The Way of the Patch - "Patchi no oshie" (パッチの教え)

Reincarnation 33: Horohoro - (ホロホロ)

Reincarnation 34: The Powers of Kororo - "Kororo no chikara" (コロロの力)

Reincarnation 35: Horohoro's Dream - "Yume ga Horohoro" (夢がホロホロ)



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