The Odd Observer

The Odd Observer is an anime episode of Demon King Daimao that was released on 04/10/2010

Plot Summary

After appearing out of nowhere, Korone pulls a gun from her bag and heals Junko. Both Junko and Kena run away out of embarassment. Korone reveals that she is a "Liradan," a robotic girl summoned by the government and the school's administration to spy on Akuto to see if he will become the next Demon King. Korone ends up following him everywhere: in class, into his room, even in the bathroom at one point. So Akuto ends up striking a deal to meet with the popular Fujiko outside of school. She reveals to him that a Liradan like Korone has a secret "tail" that doubles as an off switch.

As Akuto heads to the meeting place, he tries to find her "tail" but Korone thinks he's just trying to look at her panties. However, they are interrupted when they find a giant feral dog that has gotten drunk on magical energy. Akuto uses his incredible magic power to subdue the beast and shrink it back to a normal-sized puppy, but the puppy accidentally reveals Kena's invisible form. Korone finds a bag that Kena left behind, and Akuto takes advantage of the act to pull her tail, shutting her off for the moment.

Fujiko appears nearby, promises to help Akuto resolve his issues with Junko if Akuto will join her on the school's discipline committee. Akuto accepts, and Fujiko gives him what appear to be magical roofies and an injector gun to help smooth things over, and then leaves. Just after Akuto turns Korone back on, a naked, invisible Kena runs into him and asks him to be her friend.

Back at school, Fujiko tells Junko via magic phone that Akuto forced her into setting up a meeting between the two, and Junko promises to help her resolve it. Then Fujiko reveals to her brother, a head in a jar, that she's simply trying to manipulate the future Demon King into becoming her servant before kissing the jar with her brother's head in it.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Takashi Watanabe Director A Japanese director who was best known for directing Slayers, Lost Universe and Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maō.
Takao Yoshioka Series Composition


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