The Oath of Pain

The Oath of Pain is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 11/21/2002
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Land of Waves Arc

The Oath of Pain - 痛みに誓う決意 (Itami ni chikau ketsui)


Opening Theme-

"Rocks" by Hound Dog (Japan)

"Rise" by Jeremy Sweet and Ian Nickus (U.S. TV)

Kakashi who thought that he had gotten the real Zabuza in his grasp relized it was another water clone and the real Zabuza was just behind him. Kakashi was able to dodge Zabuza's swing but was kicked in the chest by Zabuza sending him flying, Kakashi made a mistake by going into the water, the water felt heavier than usual, Zabuza was able to then capture Kakashi in a water prison.

Zabuza made another water clone and sent it out to kill Sasuke. Kakashi urges them to run away with Tazuna but Sasuke knew that was impossible for them as that chance was over when Kakashi gotten himself captured. Sasuke wasn't fast enough and had gotten himself in the grasp of Zabuza's clone, during this time, Kakashi tells them of the incident that changed Mist Village's graduation exam. The Mist Village's graduation exam was very different from Leaf Village, where they had friends pitted against friends in a fight to the death, but one year a kid who wasn't even a ninja killed hundreds students and that was Zabuza. This time the clone aimed for Naruto and kicked him, sending him flying and his forehead protector as well. Zabuza took this opportunity to step on Naruto's headband and tell him he wasn't a real ninja.

Naruto scared out of his wits was going to flee but when he slammed his left arm down he felt the pain and flashbacks of Iruka sensi giving him the protector and the time which he promised on the pain that he would not run away and wouldn't need anyone to help him. He attempts to attack Zabuza but was blocked and kicked away. During that time Naruto had grabbed his protector from underneath Zabuza. Naruto uses his shadow replica and they all attack Zabuza, he flings a Shuriken towards Zabuza, aiming for the real Zabuza but he catches this one but another shuriken emerages in the shadow of the Shuriken, which Zabuza dodges easily. That shuriken then proved to be Naruto in disguised and he flings a kunai towards Zabuza, Zabuza dodging the kunai lets go of the prison and was going to slash Naruto but Kakashi stops him just in time.

Ending Theme-

"Wind" by Akeboshi

Characters & Voice Actors

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