The Number One Hyperactive, Knucklehead Ninja Joins the Fight!

The Number One Hyperactive, Knucklehead Ninja Joins the Fight! is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 01/09/2003
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Land of Waves Arc

The Number One Hyperactive, Knucklehead Ninja Joins the Fight! - 意外性No. 1, ナルト参戦! (Igaisei nanbā wan, Naruto sansen!)


Opening Theme-

"Rocks" by Hound Dog (Japan)

"Rise" by Jeremy Sweet and Ian Nickus (U.S. TV)

Naruto finally came to help! But even as he comes he makes mistakes. Jumping into the fray, he revealed himself to the enemy. Kakashi lectures him on how a ninja should be stealthy. Ignoring all that though, Naruto tries to summon some kage bushins. While trying too Zabuza throws some shuriken at Naruto. Haku tries to do the same thing. Then suddenly Haku's needles and Zabuza's shuriken collided, saving Naruto.

Seeing this, Kakashi yells at Naruto again. He yells at him for trying to execute a technique wide in the open, making himself an easy target. Zabuza then asks why Haku actually threw his needles on purpose deflecting his shuriken. Haku calmly answers, "Leave him to me..." Zabuza noticing how Haku want to deal with Naruto himself, he stands there telling Kakashi how they should watch how the young ones fight, and what would happen to Tazuna if he tried to move to help.

Haku, not forgetting Sasuke decides to deal with him first, and quickly walks back into his mirrors. Attacking Sasuke from every which direction, hitting him with barrages of attacks. Seeing that he won't be able to break out, he decides the best plan is for him to and Naruto both attack the mirrors at the same time. Naruto from the outside, Sasuke from the inside. Suddenly, Naruto sneaks inside the mirrors whispers to Sasuke. Sasuke is infuriated that Naruto is stupid enough to go inside the mirrors that he is trapped in. Now that there only plan was ruined, Sasuke attempts to attack anyways. Sasuke tries to perform some seals, and performs his blazing fireball technique, trying to melt the ice mirrors. After the attack is over though, the mirrors still stand. His attacks did absolutely nothing.

With that, Haku jumps out and attacks again, and again, and again. Naruto then tries to use his kage bushins to break out, again, and again, and again. It never works, even when Sasuke tries to follow Hakus movements and hit him. Haku then explains how it is difficult for a ninja to always do whats right, and he will kill them so his dreams can go on.

Ending Theme-

"Wind" by Akeboshi

Characters & Voice Actors

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