The Nagasaki File (Part Two)

The Nagasaki File (Part Two) is an anime episode of Descendants of Darkness that was released on
In this episode, Tsuzuki finds out that the singer, Maria Wong, is dead. Yet, she walks this Earth and continues her singing career. He and Hisoka continue talking about this with Tatsumi and the others. It turns out that Maria Wong committed suicide when she found out that her mother only cared about the money she made as a singer and not her. But now, Maria Wong was resurrected, so she's considered to be more zombie-like, but probably needs the blood to continue living. 
Watari brings some levity to the conversation by showing off his new invention, Mr. Johnson (a friend of the housewife that cuts food up into equal portions). Tatsumi wonders how much they pay him to do this. Chief Konoe then tells Tsuzuki that he had better close the case soon because the higher-ups are getting concerned with how many victims Maria has claimed. Tsuzuki makes an appointment with Hisoka to figure out how they'll do this, and Hisoka decided on the time.
Hisoka is then seen in the library where Gushoshin introduces his twin brother to Hisoka. Tsuzuki is seen in a cafe eating apple pie as he fumes about how Hisoka stood him up. However, he forgets about it just as easily when he thinks about how great the pie is. However, when he goes to pay for the food, he finds that the price is a bit more expensive than he expected. He doesn't have time to deal with though, as he hears a scream and rushes out of the building.
He sees that a little girl has lost consciousness as her mother worries over her. He tells her that they shouldn't move her too much as a doctor arrives. Tsuzuki is surprised when he notices that the doctor is the same man he met at the church the other day. The doctor does a check up on the little girl, suggesting that they move her to a place with less sun, so that she can rest. He then formally introduces himself as Kazutaka Muraki before shaking hands with Tsuzuki.
The little girl has made a full recovery and waves good-bye to Tsuzuki as she walks off with her mother. Tsuzuki comments how full of life she is while Muraki talks about how fragile humans are. He smokes and gets a bit too close for comfort with Tsuzuki. Muraki then takes his leave.
Hisoka is seen wandering the halls of the Ministry of Hades. Tsuzuki finds out where Hisoka is when he talks with the Gushoshin. Hisoka is having a bit of a breakdown, and Tsuzuki tells him that as his partner, he should be more considerate about keeping his promises. He then takes notice of Hisoka's condition and tries to help. Hisoka yells at him to not touch him and ends up making Tsuzuki bleed. The older shinigami says that Hisoka must really not like him, but leaves telling him that they're partners and that's not going to change.
Tsuzuki tells Gushoshin about how he can't stand Hisoka sometimes. He doesn't understand why the boy refuses to even talk to him and prefers being alone. Gushoshin realizes that Tsuzuki is genuinely concerned about Hisoka, so he tells him a little about the boy's background. Hisoka had always been special in a way. When his family found out about his unusual powers, they locked him up out of fear. Hisoka must have always preferred being alone because of that.
Gushoshin then gets an idea to disguise Tsuzuki as an employee of the hotel Maria is in to get to her. Muraki watches from a window as Tsuzuki and Gushoshin run off to set that plan into action. He hears glass shatter and turns around to see Maria Wong trying to stab herself in the throat with a shard of glass from the broken bottle. He takes the shard from her, impressed that she managed to break his control. He then tells her how beautiful she is when covered in blood and puts her back under hypnosis.
Tsuzuki makes it to her room, and finds out that it is a mess. He runs out of the hotel to find her before she claims another victim. He is seen at night, asleep on a bench, as Maria walks towards him. Muraki is seen in a purple magic circle, cajoling her into killing Tsuzuki for him. As she reveals her fangs, Tsuzuki wakes up and tells her that she fell for his trap as he takes out a talisman. Muraki is seen using more magic, and Tsuzuki is unable to move as a purple pentagram appears behind him.
Maria attempts to bite him again. Hisoka is seen contemplating something, and feels that Tsuzuki is in danger with his strong empathy. He runs to the church and shoots the talismans he finds there. As soon as Tsuzuki can move, he uses his magic to destroy the vampirism from Maria. Muraki takes note of the kid (Hisoka) and smiles. Maria cries and apologizes for what she's done. Tsuzuki comforts her, telling her that she can't be blamed for it. She talks about how she couldn't take it, how she just wanted to die, her mother never cared for her, and then...that man had called her back to life. Tsuzuki is taken aback by this as she then asks him for a favor.
Maria's mother is seen in the hotel wondering where her "bitch" of a daughter is when Maria walks in. She looks relieved, but slaps her and demands where she was all this time. Maria then states that she will no longer do what her mother says, that she will sing for herself. Maria's mother is about to strike her again, but Tsuzuki grabs her wrist. Maria's mother gives up, and Maria goes to sing for as long as she is still conscious.
Tsuzuki and Hisoka are watching her performance when Hisoka glimpses a man with white hair and white clothes. He goes after him without Tsuzuki noticing. Muraki and Hisoka have a little talk. The doctor talks about how obedient Hisoka is for not remembering his death, and makes him go unconscious. Tsuzuki runs off trying to find Hisoka, and is utterly shocked when all he finds is a huge puddle of blood.

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