The Nagasaki File (Part One)

The Nagasaki File (Part One) is an anime episode of Descendants of Darkness that was released on

Tatsumi talks about the murders that have been happening in Nagasaki with some other people in his department. The corpses of the murders have small bite marks on their throats as well as blood loss, so the case is named the "Vampire Case". The case is then assigned to Asato Tsuzuki because Nagasaki is under his care, but since shinigamis must work in pairs, Tsuzuki is supposed to meet with his new partner as well. Therefore, Gushoshin is sent to watch over him until he does.

Tsuzuki has a run in with a girl with long white hair and red eyes who leaves a red substance on his collar. She runs away as Gushoshin points out that there is a boy in the alley with marks on his neck. Tsuzuki realizes that the substance on his collar isn't lipstick, but blood, and goes after her. Gushoshin is stopped by some groceries, so the shinigami is on his own. He follows her to a church, but all he finds is a man with white hair and white clothes who was crying recently. Tsuzuki could only ask if the man had seen a woman with white hair come in, but the man only says that no one was in the church but him.

Tsuzuki leaves, and as he looks for the girl, a boy points a gun at his back. The boy accuses Tsuzuki of being a vampire, and a stupid one at that, as Gushoshin finally arrives. Gushoshin then stares at the boy and realizes that he is supposed to be Tsuzuki's new partner. The boy turns out to be Hisoka Kurosaki, and they have dinner together. Tsuzuki and Hisoka get into a little fight that leads to Hisoka accidently drinking a cup of sake and passing out. Tsuzuki then takes him to a hotel, apologizing for getting into a fight with a kid, and turns on the television. A famous singer, Maria Won, appears, and as Tsuzuki gets a closer look at her, he realizes that she looks just like the girl with long white hair and red eyes.

The next day, Tsuzuki and Hisoka try to find the singer. They notice that her dressing room is a mess, and Hisoka unintentionally uses Empathy to figure out where Maria went. They manage to find her just as she was about to sink her fangs into another victim. She waves her hand, and the building starts to crumble. She walks away as Tsuzuki and Hisoka avoid the debris and the victim is knocked out. A monster appears, and Tsuzuki summons the powerful shikigami, Suzaku, to combat it.

The episode ends with the man with white hair and white clothes that met Tsuzuki in the church telling Maria to be a good girl and do what he says.

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