Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden #1 - The Misato Residence's Maid

is a manga book published by Tokyopop that was released on 10/10/1999

Plot Summary

Suguru Misato, a junior high school student who has been living by himself since his father death. He would love a little companionship, not to mention someone to deal with the stacks of dishes and the ever present family of dust bunnies. Enter Mahoro, a retired battle android who has been reprogrammed for the domestic life. When Suguru meets his new maid, hilarity ensues, sexual tensions flare, and secret pasts become revealed in this quirky comedy about love, death, and nudity.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: The Blooming Hyrdangea Garden

Chapter 2: Welcome To The Misato Residence!

Chapter 3: Suguru-kun... Ecchi!!!

Chapter 4: Saori: Teacher, Age Female, Man Tamer

Chapter 5: A Brush With Death


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