"The Mermaid's Sigh" and The Three Knights

"The Mermaid's Sigh" and The Three Knights is an anime episode of Karneval that was released on 05/15/2013

Team Two is helping Team One put on their Circus parade and show, and Yogi gets Nai and Gareki to join the parade in an effort to cheer up Gareki. But a malfunctioning Team One rabbit throws a wrench into their festivities.

— FUNimation

Plot Summary

"The Mermaid's Sigh" and The Three Knights
Māmeido no Tameki to Sannin no Kishi
Theme Music
OpeningHenai no Rondo
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Nai shares with Tsukumo and Yogi that Gareki is still sad with losing his family. To cheer up Gareki, Yogi proposes that Gareki should join them in the upcoming parade. Nai wonders how would he help Gareki when recalling Karoku's words of letting go of Gareki. Then, Kiichi arrives and requests Yogi's assistance in tracking down a rogue Hitsuji. Kiichi states that the malfunctioning rabbit might hurt innocent bystanders. Yogi has Gareki switch with him. Gareki is stuck wearing Yogi's mascot and entertaining the children.

Meanwhile, Jiki and Tsukumo prepare themselves for the play. While Tsukumo is the mermaid, Jiki is the cruel prince obsessed over the mermaid. There is a part where the mermaid escapes from the giant glass bowl filled with water through a hidden exit at the bottom. Afterwards, the Hitsuji seals the hidden exit at the bottom of the orb. This prevents Tsukumo from escaping. Tsukumo does not want to break the glass orb in fear of harming the audience members. Meanwhile, Nai hears Tsukumo calling for help using his extraordinary ears. Nai along with Gareki, and Iva arrive to Tsukumo's rescue where they meet up with Kiichi and Yogi. While Jiki keeps the Hitsuji distracted, Iva has Yogi and Gareki pretend to be good guys to fool the Hitsuji. After Yogi and Gareki grab the glass prison and carry it to backstage, they free Tsukumo. Kiichi deactivates the Hitsuji.

In the research department, Akari tells his co-workers that he keeps his distance from women. The nurses look angrily at Akari for not letting them get off work to watch the play and the parade. Then, Azana arrives and reveals that the little rabbit has grown attached to Akari. Akari wonders why the rabbit is so fond of him. When Akari enters the room, he finds Hirato and Tsukitachi enjoying themselves. He gets angry with them drinking wine leisurely.

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Eiji Suganuma Director
Touya Mikanagi Original Concept Touya Mikanagi is a mangaka.
Toshie Kawamura Character Artist/Designer


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