Correction: Haruhi-chan Due Friday the 13th

Topic started by gia on Jan. 23, 2009. Last post by OkazukiIchigo 6 years, 2 months ago.
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Zomg I'm coming!
Zomg I'm coming!
Either Sankaku Complex's earlier report that The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan wasn't yet in production was completely incorrect, or Kyoto Animation just produced the quickest turn-around on a professional anime in history-- because Moon Phase now notes that the web series of anime shorts is now going to start running on February 13 (which, yes, is a Friday). It's also three days after we'll supposedly get info on the real second season of Haruhi from Newtype magazine.

So, what happened here on the conflicting news? I'm not really sure-- the information about Haruhi-chan was from a radio interview with the staff of Ga-Rei Zero, although in retrospect, it's not like Ga-Rei is being done by KyoAni...the only overlap I know of in the staff there is presumably Yuki Nagato / Kagura Tsuchimiya seiyuu Minori Chihara. So, maybe she just hadn't gotten to record for the show yet? Hard to say.

Anyway, it's good to know we'll actually be getting a Haruhi anime soon, even if it's not season two!

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Seriously, for all of the frustration with Haruhi's makers of late, I'm really excited about this. I think these shorts are going to be good fun. :)
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Sweet!  I just watched the entire series two weeks ago, I can't wait for this!
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I loves me some Haruhi, but KyoAni's marketing "techniques" are as annoying as a green snake in a sugarcane field. I want Season 2, and I want it soon. I just hope that the information we're supposed to get from Newtype will be actual news, and not hints at plot details that are already known to people who have read the light novels.
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I just want second season. =[
Or better yet, I wan the next light novel and then for it to be fan-translated asap.

I'm a sad llama.
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The same day as Resident Evil 5 comes out... Hmm interesting
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