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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is an anime series in the The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya franchise
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Another pleasant Surprise.... Reviewed by Kuma_From_Argentina on April 27, 2010. Kuma_From_Argentina has written 5 reviews. His/her last review was for I Like Soccer. 5 out of 11 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 4 users found this review helpful.
A week ago I restocked myself with anime to watch after I went to a Con in my country called Anime Legends (with Eizo Fricking Sakamoto as guest artist)  
 I decided to buy some of the series that in their moment were hits but I didnt watch them out of pure opossition against the kind of guy in the fandom that watch some new a everybody likes its.... so he haves to give a good opinion (like the one his friends are always talking about) or he will become a pariah. (In short terms I dont like being pushed by the current or push against it, I wait the current gets down and I float face up....) 
 So after I buyed some old anime I wanted to watch('couse in my chillhood I didnt had cable TV), I buyed some stuff I wanted to watch or I got recomended, like darker than black (pending), Blade of The Inmortal (pending), or Detroit Metal City (laughed my ass off) 
But then I decided to watch Haruhi, at first it didnt quite catch my interest, but the more epidodes I watched the more I sinked in the Genial Madness of his Author, and when I got the end of the First season (20 min ago) all the plot got clear, and you know what? I loved it. Even with the mixed chapter scheme I understanded it (And I had to re-watch almost ten times Evangelion and use a guide to understand (and even so I dont know if I quite catched it) 
But even so this is a great series and I'm excited to watch the seond season (buyed both of them). 
It's a pity I didnt grabbed the movie also..... 
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