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Topic started by gia on March 25, 2009. Last post by Void_Wizard 6 years ago.
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Word is that along with the latest volume of the manga adaptation of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya comes The Recital of Haruhi Suzumiya, a manga anthology featuring the work of 24 mangaka. And yes, that cover DOES appear to be a reference to Ranka Lee.

Among these artists are Naru Nanao (character designer of Sola, D.C. Da Capo, and the original Ef: a fairy tale of the two. visual novel) and Puyo (artist of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan), who have apparently created color inserts for the volume.

Other artists include: Makoto Kubota (Sunred), Motoki Takeuchi (Sister Ruka wa Inoranaide!!), Kumichi Yoshizuki (Someday's Dreamers), and plenty of others...although I can't find a more complete list, alas. That said, it sounds like it could be fun to see all these different creators' takes on the franchise, so I'm hoping we get to see a copy stateside (aheh-ahem, Yen Press?).

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I'd be willing to bet GakuGaku will have it on their site translated within a few weeks, or at least some random fan translation will be floating around somewhere.
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Neat.  Despite its ubiquity, and all the season 2 trickerations, I've yet to develop Haruhi fatigue.  Double agree about Yen Press picking this up.  It would be quite a thrill to see them start licensing the extended pieces of their properties.  Although, if that were the case, I would demand they first release the Higurashi yonkoma series, to which I would promptly buy 10,000 copies of.
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deanbcurtis: i'm with you-- provided that the content is NEW. I haven't been very interested in the manga adaptation of Melancholy, for example.
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Yeah, you could say I'm suffering from Haruhi fatigue. It's more like I just don't care about it anymore, but I agree with you gia that I'd be a lot more interested if the content is NEW for once. I bought the first volume of the manga just because, but I doubt I'll buy the rest.
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Sounds very cool I hope Yen Press picks up this license as soon as they can.
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