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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2009) is an anime series in the The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya franchise
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Some annoying parts aside, it's still the Haruhi we know and love Reviewed by Black_Rose on Dec. 20, 2009. Black_Rose has written 15 reviews. His/her last review was for The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. 47 out of 54 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 3 users found this review helpful.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya has become, for better or worse one of the most loved and at the same time hated anime series of all time. All these mixed feelings have a lot to do with Kyoto Animation’s decisions regarding the show. But in the end they always deliver quality stories, and Haruhi 2009 is no different. 

The “new” season of Haruhi is actually composed of the first series in a new order plus 14 new episodes. The plots of these episodes are taken from the various light novels and are, for the most part, entertaining. Episodes 1, and 10 to 14 are fantastic and are genuinely fun to watch. Episode 13 in particular has what I consider one of the best moments in the Haruhi franchise, shocking, unexpected and filled with tension, quite simply incredible. 

Yes they gonna 
Yes they gonna 
On to the dreaded Endless Eight. Yes, it’s annoying. No, it’s not a big deal. Sure it’s disappointing that these eight episodes took more than half of the season, but you can almost tell what Kyoani wanted to do with them. It was not lazyness, it was not trolling, they wanted to be innovative and add something uncommon to the show like they did with the first season. Granted, it was a miserable failure and the feelings of innovation don’t make up for wasting half of the season, but it just simply isn’t that big of a deal. People all around the globe have turned to hate the show after being hardcore fans just because of E8 and I think that’s a huge overreaction, especially when you have 6 other amazing episodes. And it’s not like anyone’s forcing you to watch the E8 episodes (which are not bad at all).

Animation-wise, Haruhi delivers. The animation is rich in detail, full of vibrant colors, fluid movements and everything else from the backgrounds to the characters is extremely well done. Certain things reminded me of K-On! though, which is no surprise since they’re both KyoAni series, but they just don’t fit in Haruhi, they can be easily overlooked though so overall the quality of the animation is great.   

The animation is fantastic 
The animation is fantastic 
The soundtrack is also great, though not quite as memorable as the first series’ tunes. The opening and ending however, are not even close to the greatness of Bouken Desho Desho? And Hare Hare Yukai and are just forgettable popy-rock songs. The voice acting is fantastic, not surprising considering the quality of the seiyuus.  

 Though the new episodes have great moments, unexpected plot twists and fills some gaps of the first season, the story is not quite as good and the characters lack development.  It’s a great show, just that when compared to the original it feels a bit pale. But it still is Haruhi, and half-assed Haruhi is still better than most shows out there. 

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