The Matrix

The Matrix is an anime movie in the The Matrix Franchise
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The first Matrix movie.

Computer programmer Thomas Anderson has led a secret life as a hacker under the alias, Neo. He wishes to know the answer to his question, "What is the Matrix?" He gets contact with a hacker named Morpheus that 3 Agents are coming to get him. Neo has failed to escape because he is too afraid to use the scaffold. After having a dream, Morpheus contacts him to get into a meeting privately after removing the Agent's tracking device. In a meeting, he gives Neo a decision: red pill is for learning the truth or blue pill to return to the world as he knows it and Neo chooses the red pill. He wakes up to find his body connected by wires and tubes to a vast mechanical tower covered with identical pods.
Neo is rescued by Morpheus, who explains to him about the Matrix and the real world. He is teached with fighting skills. Afterwards, Morpheus introduces to Neo about Agents in the Matrix are dangerous programs for the rebels and have the ability to possess anyone who are connected to the pods. The only choice for them is to run away.
The group has decided to go into the Matrix to meet with the Oracle, a woman with the powers of precognition. She predicts that Neo will be the one have a choice of saving Morpheus.
Returning to a telephone which is used as an exit, the group were ambushed by the Agents and SWAT team. Morpheus gets himself captured so that the others can escape. They found out that Cypher has betrayed them because he prefers to get his old life back in the Matrix. He is killed by Tank who rescues Neo and Trinity afterwards.
In a military building, the Agents planned to get codes from the Zion mainframe in order to go to the real world. Neo and Trinity return to the Matrix to rescue Morpheus. Trinity and Morpheus leave the Matrix, but Neo is ambushed by Smith. Instead of running away, he fights him and manages to be victorious, but runs when Smith possesses another human.
Neo is on the run from the Agents while Sentinels are attacking Nebuchadnezzar, the group's ship. When he gets into a hotel, Smith gets there and kills him. Trinity whispers to Neo that she was told by the Oracle that she would fall in love with "the One", implying that this is Neo. She refuses to accept his death and kisses him. Revived, Neo has managed to stop the bullets and destroys Smith by phasing through him. Neo returns to the real world just as the Sentinels are stopped by the EMP.
In the Matrix, Neo gives a message to the machines and flies off.

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