The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions is an anime movie in the The Matrix Franchise
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The third and final Matrix movie.

Neo and Bane are unconscious. However, Neo is inside the Matrix without connecting to a ship. Inside, he meets Sati and her family who are programs. Her father tells Neo about the Trainman, a program who is only loyal to the Merovingian and controls the train station he's in.
Seraph goes with Triniry and Morpheus to rescue Neo from the Merovingian. He gives them a deal that if gets the eyes of the Oracle, he will free Neo. Instead, Trinity provokes a Mexican standoff and forces the Merovingian to free Neo.
Troubled, Neo goes to the Oracle for explanations. She tells him that as the One, he has developed a wireless connection to the Source and Smith is characterized of being Neo's opposite and negative. The Oracle tells him her words that everything that has a beginning has an end. After Neo leaves, Smith has cloned himself from Sati, Seraph, and the Oracle, gaining her powers.
In the real world, Neo volunteers to go to Machine City with Trinity while the others go to Zion and fight with the machines. While in a journey, Neo has encountered Bane, who is revealed to be Smith. A fight occurs and Smith has blinded Neo by cauterizing his eyes. Fortunately, he can see him as silhouette gold and kills him.
Meanwhile, Morpheus and the gang are fighting with the Sentinels while the citizens in Zion are doing their best to defeat the machines.
By the time Neo and Trinity go to Machine City, they were attacked by the Sentinels. When they land to the city, Trinity is killed when she is impaled with a wire. Neo goes to Deus Ex Machine, the Machine God, to tell him that Smith is planning to destroy the real world. He tells it that humans and machines will have peace with each other if Smith is defeated.
Meanwhile, the Sentinels stopped fighting after sensing Neo is entering the Matrix.
Inside the Matrix, Neo sees the Smith clones in a line when one Smith, who has the Oracle's powers, stands by and fight him. After smashing Neo to the ground, Smith tries to tell him to give up, but Neo refuses because he chooses to. Upon hearing the Oracle's words coming out of Smith, Neo allows himself to be cloned, however as he is connected by Deus Ex Machina, the Smith from Neo is destroyed along with the other Smiths. This event give peace to humans and machines.
Neo's body is seen being dragged away by the machines.
Inside the Matrix, the Architect and the Oracle meet, and agree to unplug all humans who want to be freed, and that peace will last as long as it can. Sati, who has created a colorful dawn sky in memory of Neo, asks the Oracle if they will ever see him again to which she replies that she believes they will. Seraph asks the Oracle if she knew all along that this would happen, and she replies that she didn't know, but she did believe. 

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