The Marui Family! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

The Marui Family! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly! is an anime episode of Mitsudomoe that was released on 07/02/2010

Plot Summary

Satoshi Yabe is the new teacher and Kuriyama Aiko is the new nurse at Kamohashi Elementary. Satoshi Yabe has been assigned to teach the 6-3 class and he has no idea what he has gotten into.

Nandemo Basuketto (Anything Goes)... of Doom!
Nandemo Basuketto (Anything Goes)... of Doom!

The class' beginning exercise Saroshi Yabe decides to have the kids play Nandemo Basuketto (Anything Goes). This is a game where you form a circle using enough chairs for all of the players for the exception of one. The person without a chair is "it", so he or she stand in the middle of the circle and whoever is "it" picks a theme (glasses, color of clothing, girls, etc...). Everyone who fits that theme gets up from their chair and finds another chair. The next person left without a chair becomes "it". When someone says Nandemo Basuketto (Anything Goes) every player must change seats and anyone who is "it" for three times gets a punishment. In this case Saroshi decides that the punishment is three times the usual homework.

Saroshi Yabe tells the kids they would play Nandemo Basuketto, but this becomes a blood-dripping, "anything goes" battle. Futaba Marui is the most devoted player as she kicks, punches and attempts to kill the rest of her classmates. Saroshi is able to get them to and explain Nandemo Basuketto. Futaba apologizes in her over-achieving manner and she along with her two other super-problematic sisters; Mitsuba Marui (the eldest sister) and Hitoha Marui (the mysterious, gloomy bookworm) agree to begin the game.

Breaking chairs with people&squot;s faces is against the rules of "Anything Goes"
Breaking chairs with people's faces is against the rules of "Anything Goes"

The triplets are the ones who cause the most trouble. Mitsuba-chan tries to use another student as her chair, and Hitoha does not stop reading her book, so in order to keep reading she cheats which causes her to be "it". After attempting to steal each other's seats Futaba and Mitsuba get into a fight which causes Futaba to break a chair with Mitsuba's face. In attempt to get the last chair Saroshi tries to fight for the seat Hitoha is going for but looses due to being distracted by Hitoha's erotic book. Therefore, Satoshi is "it" three times making him get all of the homework.

Afterwards, Yabe-Sensei is used for the triplets amusement that involves tying him up until Kuriyama Aiko interrupts. Futaba mentions that their interaction spells romance, but Mitsuba clearly states that the virgin (a lonely and sad man) that Saroshi is he and Kuriyama will never be a couple. Futaba believes that there is something that can be done for them, but after over thinking, causing her brain to literally smoke, the job of coming up with something is turned to Hitoha. Hitoha says that since Kuriyama is the school nurse the she would treat Saroshi's "Southern Sweets" if he hurts his crotch. Something that would eventually lead them to sleeping together.

To the eyes of the nurse, he has the crotch of a fourth grader.
To the eyes of the nurse, he has the crotch of a fourth grader.

The three girls go over the top to achieve hitting their teacher in the crotch. They all fail until Saroshi hits his crotch against the nurse's head while looking for her glasses. When finally achieving what the girls wanted Saroshi takes off his pants and Kuriyama takes a look at his crotch without her glasses. To Saroshi's dismay, after taking a look at it she confuses him with a fourth grader.

Later on, Saroshi Yabe brought in a hamster to teach his students the vauue of life. After a student asked what the hamster's name was the teacher told them it didn't have one yet. FuFuraba suggested that it should be "Boobies" because if you touched the hamster's but the tail would feel like a nipple. After Hitoha tried to feel the same she agreed and decided to call the hamster Nipples. After that day Hitoha would take care of Nipples and her gloomy aura would dissolve.


A few days later, Nipples began to feel ill, so over protective Hitoha would not allow her other classmates touch Nipples. In the teacher's lounge Kuriyama found Hitoha hiding between the legs of Saroshi so she called him a pervert. The reason Hitoha was hiding there was to try and let her teacher know that she had decided to take care of Nipples at her house. As the Kuriyama Aiko headed inside the classroom she overheard everything that the kids were saying inside. The kids showed Hitoha that they all cared for (what she now called) "her Nipples". After the teacher convinces her that they should all take turns to care for "her Nipples and they should all be allowed to touch and pet "her Nipples" the kids all engage in a friendly huddle to watch over Nipples, who was now feeling better. Saroshi heads outside of the classroom to find Kuriyama reacting in shock to what she just heard. She runs away but not before calling 6-3 a "class of perverts".

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