Naruto #43 - The Man with the Truth

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 08/04/2008

Plot Summary

Naruto Vol. 43 - The Man with the Truth 真実を知る者 (Shinjitsu o shiru mono)

The time has come for the secrets of the Uchiha to be told. What Sasuke finally finds out about his family's damaged past will rock Naruto's former teammate to the core of his existence. Prepare for the ultimate reveal. It's time to change the world of Naruto forever!


Number 390: The Final Jutsu...!!.....Pg.

最後の術...!! (Saigo no jutsu...!!)

Number 391: Thunderclap...!!.....Pg.

雷鳴と共に...!! (Raimei to tomo ni...!!)

Number 392: Susanoo...!!.....Pg.

須佐能乎...!! (Susanō...!!)

Number 393: My Eyes...! .....Pg.

オレの眼...!! (Ore no me...!!)

Number 394: Sasuke's Victory.....Pg.

サスケの勝利 (Sasuke no shōri)

Number 395: The Mystery of Tobi.....Pg.

トビの謎 (Tobi no nazo)

Number 396: Self-Intro.....Pg.

自己紹介 (Jikoshōkai)

Number 397: The Man with the Truth.....Pg.

真実を知る者 (Shinjitsu o shiru mono)

Number 398: The Origin of Konoha .....Pg.

木ノ葉のはじまり (Konoha no hajimari)

Number 399: How It All Begins!!.....Pg.

すべての始まり!! (Subete no hajimari!!)

Number 400: Living a Nightmare .....Pg.

地獄の中で (Jigoku no naka de)

Number 401: Illusions .....Pg.

幻術 (Maboroshi)

Number 402: Final Words.....Pg.

最後の言葉 (Saigo no kotoba)

User Reviews
The definition of Retcon Reviewed by Juubi on Nov. 9, 2014. Juubi has written 1 review. His/her last review was for The Man with the Truth.

This isn't the worst volume of Naruto, but definitively the one who most influenced the story from this point ahead, and that is terrible.

This volume englobes the last part of the fight between Sasuke and Itachi and then other topics.

As a fan, I must say, that was the fight I waited for most of the manga. Sasuke's characterization always revolved about avenging his family and killing his brother so, I was very excited to the fight.

I must say, I was satisfied. Sasuke(my favorite character by this point) gives everything he have to defeat Itachi. Even if he don't delivers the killing blow, the sensation that is finally over is recompensating enough.

Now here comes the bad part.

Tobi, who has just revealed himself as Madara Uchiha to the audience, "rescues" a tired and unconscious Sasuke from an destroyed battlefield and, when Sasuke wakes up in a bed in a dark room, tell him a story.

In a few words, he tells a resumed version of the story of the Leaf Villlage and says that the Uchiha Massacre was orderd by Leaf, that the Uchiha organized a coup, and that Itachi "trained" Sasuke to kill both Madara and Itachi.

He was also a spy of Akatsuki to the Leaf. Considering that the lack no, the ausence of information about Hidan and Kakuzu caused Asuma's death in the anterior arc, I can only presume that Itachi sucks at being an spy.

This is only beginning, folks.

This genocide that itachi commited is presented as an act that avoided an world war and what a "true shinobi" should do. Itachi is both extremely praised as a shinobi and a human being, since he "loved Sasuke so much" to let him survive, in accord with Tobi, a person who, as far we know, have no reason to praise Itachi so much. After all, he confess almost immediately that he took part in the massacre for a lot less "heroic" reasons, so trying to gain sympathy points from Sasuke by praising this "hero" Itachi is a pointless objective.

Stop. Before continuing, let me tell a few things.

First: To me, genocide is an extreme act. Killing people because of the blood running in his veins is something that have to be extremely justified before I see it other than an act of complete monsters.

Kishimoto give me no proof that a civil war will result in a world war, just tell me it. That is already bad. Itachi comes off as a boomerang bigot that betrayed his own family and took the blame to protect his morally corrupt nation.

Also, if it was necessary, it was necessary to kill all of them? All of them, except one you like too much to kill him? In my opinion, no.

Even if the manga argued(what it doesn't) that the Uchiha were already in extremely numerical disadvantage for their coup and don't should back down from their objective even if most of them were eliminated, and that letting any Uchiha that knew of the massacre live should be stimulation for future coups this should imply at least two things: that the Uchiha are insane, that treaties of peace don't exist, and that reconciliation is impossible.

Basically, if the Uchiha were evil mindless locusts always searching for conflict, like Saiyans or something, maybe the final solution could be reasonable.

Sorry, my suspension of disbelief don't go that distance, Kishimoto. Even if the situation can remind the Kaguya clan of Part I, the Uchiha clan were shown to be pretty reasonable people in the flashbacks of Sasuke at the end of Part I, unlike the blood knights that put Kimimaro on a cage, so I don't believe they deserved to be terminated that way. You don't show me nothing that could prove they're that incorrigible.

Second: Itachi seems to be nothing than than even more of a villain when it comes to Sasuke.

He used Tsukuyomi on Sasuke two times. This means 144 hours of torture, only to make the boy obsessed in killing him, to the point of abandoning his friends only for a chance of obtaining power to kill him. The fact that Itachi has just killed Sasuke's parents and all his immediate family apparently passed over his head.

To make matters worse, he stimulated Sasuke to acquire the Mangekyou Sharingan, a power that is only acquired through great suffering, like killing your best friend. Sasuke impaled Naruto at the end of Part I to acquire this power, and Naruto only survived because of the power of the Nine Tails.

You mean that Itachi, a loyal soldier of the Leaf, stimulated Sasuke to kill another Leaf ninja, that very probably should result in his imprisonment for life and would hurt the reputation of the Uchiha that Itachi was trying so much to protect? I mean, even if Itachi didn't know that Sasuke's best friend was Naruto, Sasuke lived in the Leaf his entire life, it was obvious that the only friends he could have would be from the Leaf, or at least highly likely.

There are two options: or Itachi was extremely evil and the biggest demonstration of fanatic patriotism in fiction that I've ever seen(and extremely stupid), or Kishimoto retconned this to....

At the end of the volume, instead of returning to the Leaf like he probably should do or reluctantly join the Akatsuki(since Sasuke was at Tobi's mercy and Tobi seemed to be much more powerful than him anyway), Sasuke openly joins Akatsuki and declares that will destroy the Leaf to "avenge" Itachi.

Yes, this retcon was created for the sole reason of opposing Naruto and Sasuke again. I have zero doubts. Itachi's behavior towards Sasuke is nothing less than villainous even after the "reveal", yet Sasuke thinks of him as a saintly figure that reluctantly commited heinous acts, and treats the Leaf as his enemy! It's like saying that mankind deserves death because Jesus sacrificed his life for them, it's insane troll logic!

A retcon that leads to an insane troll logic to justify a future conflict between rivals. It's how low this manga reaches in this volume.

Also, Tobi talking for chapters and more chapters was extremely boring. This is an action manga,not Metal Gear Solid.

By the way, this twist/retcon was taken from a Metal Gear Solid game. Oh yeah, my story with Hideo Kojima didn't begin well.

I give this score because of the horrible second part of the volume, that even retcons the first part by saying that Itachi was "trying to lose" to Sasuke. Heh, very funny, Kishimoto, very funny. That isn't funny, you know how much I waited for this fight? This was serious business for me.

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