The man of incredible pride! Foxy the Silver Fox!

The man of incredible pride! Foxy the Silver Fox! is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 03/13/2005

One Piece Side-Story (Filler)

The man of incredible pride! Foxy the Silver Fox!



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Episode Synopsis

A old, very annoying, foe shows himself again. A fight breaks out on Foxy's ship, and the Straw Hat crew get pulled into the fray. Deeper then they would of liked.

There is a bad storm and Luffy is enjoying himself. Suddenly, they find Porche, Hamburg, and Foxy from the Foxy Pirates aboard a small raft. It's the same one they left in after the Davy Back Fight. Somehow the giant Sexy Foxy ship couldn't can't up to that little raft. Luffy saves them just in time.

With the return of Foxy, this marks the first time a canon villain character has appeared involved in non-canon events.

Porche runs around the ship, looking for Chopper; and finds the gold. I doubt Nami would of left her gold out and unprotected. I'm half surprised it's not under her bed.

The next day, the Sexy Foxy is spotted. Foxy's people are happy to see the ship. Luffy's crew is happy Foxy's people will be leaving. Chopper's password is Sodium. This moment between Robin and Chopper is so adorable it's almost maternal.

In Foxy's absense; Kiba, former captain of the Fanned Toad Pirates, has taken over. The Fanged Toad Pirate's captain was never named in the manga version of the story. Though, he was seen. In his anime introduction, he was most likely given a name in anticipation of this filler story.

Many of Foxy's men wont remove their masks. Foxy challenges Kiba to a Davy Back Fight. Everyone, with the exception of Robin and Chopper, board the Sexy Foxy to watch.

Foxy tries his Noro-Noro Beam, but Kiba's men deflect it with their swords. Hamburg tries to help, but Kiba takes Porche as a hostage.

On the Going Merry, Chopper and Robin play a board game

Watching Foxy be beaten upon becomes too much for Luffy. Foxy hands Luffy the afro he wore. Lufy tosses the Straw Hat to Usopp, and he dons the afro. Foxy offers Luffy's bounty and the gold on the Going Merry.

Kiba must have lost his memories, because he has a cannon fired at Luffy.

The rest of the crew jump in, and Zoro has to shove Nami down to save her. That doesn't sit well with Sanji. Nami has to remind everyone not to use their full strength since the opponents are so weak.

On the Going Merry, Robin and Chopper appear to be playing Cat's Cradled.

Usopp meets his equal in the fight. Once Luffy gets a hit in, it's all over. As thanks, Foxy drops the whole crew down a trap door. Foxy talks about turning in Luffy and Zoro for their bounty, but he also has one on his head, 24,000,000. Smaller then Luffy's first.

Points of Interest

  • Most of these events never happened in the manga. The very beginning of this episode includes a canon event.

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Eiichiro Oda Concept Artist Eiichiro Oda is the creative mind behind the popular manga/anime One Piece series.


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