The Magus Killer

The Magus Killer is an anime episode of Fate/Zero that was released on 11/19/2011


Battle rages throughout Einzbern Castle: Kayneth's magical mercury sphere versus Kiritsugu's formidable gun arsenal, Saber and Lancer join forces against Caster in the forest, and Irisviel detects a new enemy as she and Maiya make their escape.

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Plot Summary

Iris's Shape 1st Leben
Iris's Shape 1st Leben

Irisviel notices that another enemy is in the forest, Kotomine Kirei. She tells Maiya that they cannot let that man reach Kirei. Inside the castle, Kiritsugu unleashes a barrage of fire on Kayneth's magical mercury sphere and shoots a special bullet at Kayneth. He flees leaving Kayneth frustrated and angry. Kayneth wonders how Kiritsugu has penetrated Volumen Hydragram's defense. While Kayneth pursue Kiritsugu, Kiritsugu prepares himself. In the forest, Kirei manages to evade bullets and throws a sword at his enemy. Maiya unleashes another barrage of fire on Kirei who goes down. Irisviel tries to warn Maiya; however, Maiya gets hit in the leg. During the melee combat, Kirei manages to defeat Maiya and knock her down to the ground. Irisviel states that she knows his motives, and despite Maiya's warnings, she spins a magical thread to create a bird that binds Kirei's arms. Kirei charges at Irisviel, but she ties the man to a tree. Even though Iris has him tied down, Kirei breaks free by blasting through the tree. Kirei walks over to Maiya and kicks her down.

Lancer saves his master
Lancer saves his master

In Saber and Lancer's battle, Saber informs Lancer about Caster's tome. Caster talks how he wants to see Saber's face expressing fear. Saber uses Strike Air to clear a path for Lancer who uses his Gae Dearg to destroy Caster's Tome. At the castle, Kayneth struggles to search for Kiritsugu. As he spots him, Kayneth talks about how he would torture Kiritsugu over and over. Kiritsugu opens fire, but Kayneth blocks it. Kiritsugu shoots a bullet that gets wrap by the mercury sphere. When Caster escapes through a bloody mist, Lancer tells Saber that his master is in trouble. Saber lets Lancer go and protect his master and that they will finish their fight honorably. Kiritsugu remembers unnamed woman's advice about a mage's magic circuit. She tells him that his origin will manifest in the bullet. The more circuits a mage has on, the more damaging it can be. Kayneth suffers a tremendous loss of blood, and before Kiritsugu kills Kayneth, Lancer blocks the gun fire. Lancer states that Saber allows him to protect his master, and due to his honor code, he cannot kill Kiritsugu.

Kirei chokes Iris
Kirei chokes Iris

At Kirei's location, he chokes Irisviel who will not answer who order them to attack Kirei. An assassin tells Kirei about what has happened. Kirei stabs Iris through her abdomen. Before he leaves, he wonders if these women attacked of their free will. Yet, he finds it wrong and that Kiritsugu is a man who is isolated. Moments later, Saber arrives to Iris's side. Iris's wounds are heal much to Saber's confusion. In a flashback, Kiritsugu explains that Avalon allows the master to be heal if Saber is near by. He tells Iris not to tell anyone. Iris heals Maiya, and she is relieved that she is not the only one who is protecting Kiritsugu.

Points of Interest

  • An unnamed woman appears in Kiritsugu's mind. She is later revealed in episode 18 as Natalia Kaminski.

Moves Used

  • Kayneth - Scalp, Fervor Mei Sanguis,
  • Irisviel - Shape 1st Leben
  • Saber - Strike Air
  • Kiritsugu - Origin Shot (bullets)


  • Japanese Episode Name: "Majutsushi koroshi" (魔術師殺し)
  • Opening Theme: "Oath Sign" by LiSA
  • Ending Theme: "Memoria" by Eir Aoi

Characters & Voice Actors

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Ei Aoki Director
Gen Urobuchi Original Concept Gen Urobuchi is a Japanese author and the original creator of the Fate/Stay Night series.
Takashi Takeuchi Character Artist/Designer Character artist and cofounder of Type Moon, who's work includes the originals of Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night, Kara no Kyoukai, and CANAAN.
Yuki Kajiura Music A anime composer who is known for providing music anime created by Bee Train and the .hack series.
LiSA LiSA is a Japanese singer who sings the "oath sign" in Fate Zero and "crossing field" in Sword Art Online.
Eir Aoi Eir Aoi is a Japanese singer known for her song "MEMORIA" used in Fate Zero.


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