The Magicians' Country

The Magicians' Country is an anime episode of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic that was released on 01/19/2014
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Plot Summary

The Magicians' Country
RomajiKakusareta Min
TranslationThe Hidden Citizens
MangaCh. 157-160
Theme Music
Ending"With You/ With Me"
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After Titus saves Marga, he blasts a hole into the ceiling. Doron conjures man eating plants and attacks Titus. Titus attempts to destroy the plants with fire, but he gets bitten by the plants. Sphintus rushes to heal Titus. Doron starts tossing the Goi over into the pit. Aladdin uses Asfal Rih to save the Fifth District civilians. Titus refuses to quit and reminds Aladdin of his goal to sweep the darkness from this country. Then, Myers destroys Doron's plants and stops the fight. In a meeting with Matal, Aladdin confirms that he and his gang did infiltrate the Fifth District. Matal forgives Aladdin since the school doesn't know the whole truth. In a private meeting, Matal asks Aladdin about Yamuraiha. Matal explains that Yamuraiha was talented and abandoned by her parents. Matal serve as Yamuraiha's father, and when Aladdin informs him that she is doing well, Matal is relieved. Matal notes that Aladdin had came here with a mission and he wish to have a mutual understanding with all magicians.

Next day, Matal gathers all of his students in the lecture hall where he explains his tragic past and how Magicians like him have suffer under the Goi rule. Matal states that they, magicians, are born differently. He ask them why are they born. Long ago in the former Musta'sim Kingdom, Matal and his group work hard to serve the Goi despite a heavy toll on their bodies. Matal believes that their hard work will eventually earn them a reward. During their break, Matal asks Titus, Aladdin, and Sphintus about the Goi in the Fifth District. Matal states that Goi are no different that livestock. He argues that Goi have a lust to dominate over others while Magicians wish for more knowledge. This is why Magicians never sought to make an empire for themselves.

Despite their successes in three years, an epidemic devastated Musta'sim. The people and the royalty persecuted the Magicians after putting all the blame on them. When the war with Partevia and Musta'sim erupted, the Musta'sim Kingdom forces the students from the school to become shields for their army. During the war, Matal loses his daughter. After the war, Matal overhears the royalty commenting on how the magicians are a useful breed. He realizes that the race will guide the world on the right path was the Magicians. He states that they must control the Goi and suppress their desires.

Points of Interest

  • Alibaba, Baba, Isaac, and Dunya only appeared in Aladdin's flashbacks.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Matal: "Magic can save many people. We... I'm sure that it was to make this world a better place... to save it... that we were born."
— Matal telling his daughter about a magician's purpose in life
Matal: "Yes, Goi are creatures that are no different than livestock."
— Matal's view on Goi

Abilities, Moves & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

CharacterAbilities, Moves, & Items
  • Gravity Magic
  • Wind Magic
  • Asfal Rih


Titus AlexiusAbilities
  • Gravity Magic
  • Fire Magic
  • Halharl
  • Plant Magic
  • Sharrar
  • Healing Magic
  • Lightning Magic


  • Magic Whip
Matal MogamettAbilities
  • Water Magic
  • Clairvoyance Magic
  • Borg

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Manga Exclusive Scenes: In the manga, Aladdin tells Sphintus that he saw Clairvoyance Magic back when Yamuraiha used it for Kougyoku and Sinbad.
  • Censorship: In the manga, Matal states that the soldiers pillage the villages and raped the women during the war.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Aladdin ( x ) ( x ) ( x )


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