The Lost Christmas

The Lost Christmas is an anime episode of Guilty Crown that was released on 01/12/2012

Inori has been abducted by a mysterious ally of Keido Shuichirou, and also possesses The King's Power. Their planning on undergoing a secret ritual to recreate the events of The Lost Christmas, and the spread of The Apocalypse Virus. In order for Shu to save Inori, he must retrieve his lost memories of the events that occurred on December 24th, 2029. Light will finally be shed on Shu's past, his relationship with the mysterious pink-haired girl, and how his child self was once acquainted with Gai.

Plot Summary

Opening theme:

"My Dearest" by Supercell

Keido Shuuichirou reveals to Segai that the entire Roppongi Fort is actually a phantasm given form by a girl's heart (her Void), who is revealed to be Mana Ouma, the mysterious pink-haired girl. Keido then passes over the promised Void information to Segai, thus terminating their partnership.

Shu holds Gai's severely injured body as the mysterious blonde person who has The King's Power kidnaps Inori, taking her into a rip in space. Watching Gai's blood seep out, Gai's cross grabs Shu's attention and he suddenly gets a flashback of a bloodied young boy. Shu is speechless after realizing that he once knew Gai when they were younger. Gai scoffs at how dense Shu is, and how he has only realized this now. Gai looks over to Inori's abductor, calling him "Daath the Grave Keeper". He tells Gai that he decided to work alongside Keido, seeing that he has been working so hard. Daath starts moving away, further into the rip in space. Gai tells Shu to follow him, informing him that they mean to sacrifice Inori in order to revive Mana. Shu enters the rip in space, but Daath tells him that if he is determined to follow them, he must remember what happened on December 24th 2029 and retrieve the memories of Mana that he sealed away. This is when Shu's flashback commences.

Little Shu opens his eyes after his older sister, Mana, tells him to; revealing her secret place by the ocean to him. Shu is thrilled, but something on the shore catches his attention. Both Mana and Shu go to investigate, and they find an unconscious young boy's body washed up on the shore. The boy's upper body was covered in bruises, and he had short blonde hair. Mana performs cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the boy awakens. Shu and Mana introduce themselves to the boy, and Shu asks him for his name. Before the boy answers, Mana calls him "Triton", since the found him in the ocean. That boy was actually Gai, and all three of them became close friends that summer. The current Shu narrates that that summer, the summer of Lost Christmas, was the last summer that was filled with smiles. He also narrates that Gai became very special to him, special enough for him to be considered as his best friend. During the flashbacks, Shu was the brave one, whereas Gai was the hesitant one. Current Shu continues to narrate, saying that he had a loving older sister whom he loved, and a special best friend, but he couldn't understand why he forgot all those memories.

Shu snaps out of his flashback, to the voice of Keido, who is standing at the top of a long staircase beside Inori. Inori is unconscious and is upright with a white veil over her head. Shu asks for Keido to return Inori, but he tells him that Inori has always been an "instance body" in order to communicate with Mana. Keido reveals that Mana was the first to ever touch "the rock that started it all", and thus was the first to ever be infected with the Apocalypse Virus. He continues to explain that her soul has lost its body and is now being poured into a new one and through his own efforts, she will be able to return to the world. Her return will mark the occurrence of the second Lost Christmas event, which will infect the entire world, and Keido wants to witness that.

Keido tells Shu that Daath has plans in store for him, but Keido doesn't acknowledge them and tells Shu to watch. Keido then walks up towards Inori, and Shu was about to follow, but sharp crystals form at his feet, stopping him. Daath appears and tells Shu not to interfere since Keido was going to propose to Mana through Inori. Daath explains that the one to propose to Mana ends up being the progenitor of the future human race., and that Mana can be controlled if one has "the rock that started it all".

Shu gets another flashback where he and Mana are sitting together. Mana asks him whether or not he'd be lonely when she gets married. Shu didn't know how to answer her, and she refined her question by asking him whether she married Triton. Shu gets confused, and Mana tells him she's joking. She then hugs Shu and tells him that she'd never marry Gai because of his "leering" eyes. She then tells Shu that she loves him and she doesn't mind it if Shu thought of her as his lover, and she kisses him. She asks Shu to promise her that he'll marry her.

Mana remembers an incident she has with Gai, where he confronts her about her being infected with the Apocalypse Virus. He tells her that his father said that those infected eventually go crazy. Gai asks Mama what she's intending to do with Shu. Mana screams and gets flashbacks of the crystals forming on her face and being tested on. Shortly, Gai is seen partially stripped and tied and Mana looks as though she has sexually harassed him. She tells Gai that she is the one who saved him, so he now belongs to her. She also tells him that she is planning to marry Shu.

Closing theme:

"Departures: Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta" by the fictional band Egoist

Points of Interest

Mana Ouma
Mana Ouma

The pink-haired girl is revealed to be Shu Ouma's older sister, and her name is Mana Ouma

Mana Ouma was the first to touch "the rock that started it all", and thus, was the first to be diagnosed with the Apocalypse Virus

Gai points out that Haruka Ouma is Shu's "new" mother. Perhaps she is not his biological mother, and that's why Shu calls her by her first name

Child Gai points out to Mana that the Apocalypse Virus drives people insane

Gai's Void is a gun that functions both as a gun and it draws out people's Voids


  • Mana: Let's use our genes to make a new world.

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