The Lonely Pooch Planet, Baby

The Lonely Pooch Planet, Baby is an anime episode of Space☆Dandy that was released on

Bea tests out a new device to track down Dandy that can also double as a DJ scratching table, but ends up firing off a barrage of missiles to test it out. Dr. Gel is afraid of damaging something by accident, and right on queue, Commodore Perry appears with an insurance claim from someone in the area that Gel's ship bombarded.

Meanwhile, Dandy and his crew investigate a junkyard planet for signs of alien life. Aside from a lot of scrap metal and junk, Dandy manages to find a female dog hiding out in a junk pile and starts playing with her. QT identifies it as Laika, and Dandy decides to name it PUP (after a drink special at Boobies) and make it a member of the crew. Unfortunately, the dog dies shortly after, so Dandy pieces the junk into a makeshift rocket to give PUP a burial in space. The narrator starts cracking up as he reminisces about Laika from Sputnik II, implying that the dog might have been the legendary dog that the Soviet Union sent into space.

Back on the Aloha Oe, Meow starts scratching for fleas, revealing that the last two inhabitants of the planet were flea-sized "Machinians." They escape from Meow's fur and start hopping across the ship. One ends up dying from being smothered by Dandy's hair gel, the other infiltrates QT and turns her against Dandy and Meow. As QT steers the ship away, Dandy throws random objects at the robot, including a half-filled beer bottle that ends up driving out the Machinian. The three then try to capture the alien, but accidentally step on it, crushing it to death.

Suddenly, the planet starts imploding. With the last of the Machinians dead, the planet has nothing to regulate its gravity and starts turning itself into a black hole. Dandy starts thinking of all the women he misses (and Scarlet) as the Aloha Oe starts getting sucked in, and QT informs him that they can warp out any time, he just never asked. Dandy finally takes the Aloha Oe into warp just as Dr. Gel's ship drops out of hyperspace in the same location shortly before getting sucked into the same black hole that Dandy escaped from.

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