Shaman King #3 - The Lizard Man

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 04/30/1999

Plot Summary

An old enemy gets an upgrade when a ghost possesses "Wooden Sword" Ryu - the spirit of Tokagero, "the lizard", a bandit from feudal Japan. Back in action with a new body to abuse, Tokagero is out for revenge against the samurai who killed him 600 years ago- Amidamaru. And when Amidamaru is in danger, that means trouble for Yoh. Meanwhile, a strange comet hurtles towards the earth, foretelling a prophecy of rebirth or doom?


Japanese Release Date: April 30, 1999

American Release Date: May 19, 2004

Note: These are Japanese translations and may differ from official dub titles.

Reincarnation 18: Happy Place Trek

Reincarnation 19: The 600-Year Curse - (因縁の600年 - (Innen no 600 nen)

Reincarnation 20: Tokagero's Assault - 強襲トカゲロウ (Kyōshū Tokagerō)

Reincarnation 21: Spring Rain - 春に降る雨 - (Haru ni furu ame)

Reincarnation 22: Our Ryu - オレたちの竜さん - (Oretachi no Ryū-san)

Reincarnation 23: Tokagero Blues - トカゲロウブルース (Tokagerō burūsu)

Reincarnation 24: The Integral Tokagero - 憑依合体トカゲロウ - (Hyōi gattai Tokagerō)

Reincarnation 25: The Dragon's Gratitude - 竜の恩返し - (Ryū no ongaeshi)

Reincarnation 26: The Harbinger Stars - 開幕を告げる星 - (Kaimaku o tsugeru hoshi)



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Hiroyuki Takei artist, writer,


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