The Legends of Tōno (遠野・物語, Tōno Monogatari)

The Legends of Tōno (遠野・物語, Tōno Monogatari) is an anime episode of Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan: Demon Capital that was released on 08/07/2011


This is the 6th Episode of the 2nd season of Nurarihyon no Mago.

Plot Summary

Tōno Arc

Yura Keikain has returned to her household and told by her older brother to fully prepare as they are ready to find out where is the next Hagorome-Gitsune's location.

Meanwhile, Rikuo Nura remembered about his past when he was a child and witnessed the death of his father, killed by a young lady with a katana. As Kiyotsugu's squad decided to go to Kyoto to visit Yura Keikain, Rikuo is also eager to come.

Rikuo ask Nurarihyon a permission to go there, although he wasn't allowed to. Although Rikuo has also known that there's Hagorome-Gitsune there and later got beaten up by Nurarihyon. It has been 2 days and he hasn't woke up. Nurarihyon decided to put Rikuo to Tōno, where he will trained by experienced Yokai to control "fear" and to cut through "fear".

Tsurara Oikawa is pretty much concerned about Rikuo as she wrote a letter for him. When Rikuo is awake, he's surrounded by full of Yokai. He was trying to escape and later beaten by Kappa-Dog. Rikuo became an apprentice and doing laundry.

He was imagining about how easy laundry is when Tsurara doing it. Rikuo then intend to run away. As he see a bridge up ahead, it was all just an illusion and later saved by a Ninja Yokai, Itaku the Kamaitachi.

Rikuo then followed him and saw two Yokai fighting and it was actually a practice (as he thought it was a real fight seeing the two seems serious). Rikuo then joined up with the Yokai and met with the Yokai there. He was later decided to show them his power to summon "fear".

Characters & Voice Actors

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