The Legendary Onihime

The Legendary Onihime is an anime episode of Sket Dance that was released on 04/21/2011


Hime Onizuka wipes the floor with some young girls who want to be punks; after a day of soft ball, Hime encounters the same girls, yet she does not have her Cyclone, the blue hockey stick. Once the girls knock Hime out, she faces Kibitsu who claims to be the Onihime. However, there is one true Onihime.

Plot Summary

Himeko seen attacked by three girls on the street and finally manage to beat them. When Sarukawa asks for Hime's name, Bossun butts in and introduces himself as the leader of Sket Dance. Yet, Saruyama and the other girls yell at Bossun. Switch comments that Bossun beats Hime to the punchline.

After that incident, Hime asks for lollipop which Switch gives her a blue cheese flavor instead of Pelocan. When Hime explains that her hockey stick is called Cyclone, Bossun thinks she uses as a bankai while Switch calls her hockey stick, a Cynical Stick of Magical Extortion Angel Reality ☆ Maji. Hime tells Switch not to insult her Cyclone. Meanwhile, Sarukawa, Inui, and Kijima spy on Hime and her club members. Hime heads home, and Bossun reminds her of the soft ball game. She reminds him to go to her soft ball game, but Bossun wants to play video games.

At Bossun's home during the weekends, Bossun cooks eggs for his mother. His mother tells him that the eggs taste not bad much to Bossun's self esteem. Rumi appears, and asks Bossun to cook her a croissant. Bossun thinks they are using him because he is the leader. Rumi calls him brother but still orders him. At the soft ball game, Hime's classmates asks her various questions such as the monkey incident. While Bossun repeatedly apologizes to Kanega for destroying the shack, Michiru and two girls notice Sket Dance's male members are attending the girls' soft ball game.

During the game, Kanegi calls it foul when Hime uses her Cyclone. Bossun tells her to use a baseball bat. While Bossun fans himself, he asks Switch to help her. As Switch helps her by telling her the ball is aim towards her and it's inside the corner, Hime gets mad at him and grabs him. Switch calls for help, and Chiaki rushes to his help. After Hime hits a home run, Bossun puts a lollipop in his mouth. At the same time, he gets hit by a soft ball. Chiaki rushes to his aid. After the game, Hime scolds Bossun for licking her pink lollipop and barfing. She forces him to eat it, so it will not go to waste. Chiaki watches their spat and tells to stop. Hime leaves after calling Bossun, a dumb leader.

Magic Cynical Stick
Magic Cynical Stick

Chiaki asks HIme about the rumors about Onihime (Himeko's nickname) who has been causing trouble around the town. Bossun eats her Pelocan lollipop and throws up again. On the way home, Himeko attacked again by the three girls: Inui, Sarukawa, and Kijima. As the girls cackle, Hime prepares to open her bag. At Bossun's home, they play video games when Chiaki appears with Cyclone and asks them why Hime left them. The three has swapped Himeko's weapon with the Cynical Stick of Magical Extortion Angel Reality ☆ Maji during Hime's argument with Bossun. Himeko then got kidnapped and tied up on the tree in the park. Later then, a mysterious girl appear in front of her and claimed herself as the legendary Onihime. Hime remembers her name, Momoka chan, and tells her that a cute girl like her cannot hurt Hime. As Kibitsu calls herself Onihime due to her cigarette, her baseball bat and blonde hair. Himeko then described her as a weak girl.

Suddenly, Himeko's cellphone ringing when Bossun called. As Sarukawa answer the call, she later give the phone to Momoka and told Bossun that his friend has been kidnapped. Bossun calls Kibitsu cute because of her voice which causes Kitbitsu to blush. As Kibitsu swings, Bossun promises her that he will not hurt her and wants her to wait, so he can get to Hime's location. Before Kibitsu hangs up on him, she tells Bossun that she is going to have fun with Hime.

Back to Bossun, Bossun and Switch are in different costumes. Bossun overreacts, and then he circles around to think. At the park, Hime has some bruises from Kibitsu, and she insults Kibitsu if that is all she has got. Kibitsu prepares to strike Hime, but Bossun fires a marble (or something) at her hands. Kibitsu drops the baseball bat. Bossun introduces himself and Switch as Sket Dance while Switch poses.


Bossun explains that he heard the sounds from the cell phone and concentrates as he wears his goggles. He asks Switch about which stations leave at 5 for Kobukuro station and if any of them are near a park due to the noise of the swings. As Bossun hands her three lollipops, Hime takes the liver lollipop. Himeko got her stick back and told the four of them that she is the real Onihime after crunching the ground with the hockey stick. She explains the rumors are always true by stating that she has a lollipop instead of a cigarette and that she has a hockey stick instead of a baseball bat. She almost beat Momoka and the gang, although she gave them 3 seconds to run. Bossun gives her a thumbs up when Hime smiles at her team.

On the way home, Hime narrates that she thinks of living life by being honest with herself. This way she can have no regrets. She joins Sket Dance to get rid of her regrets. Bossun tells her that they need her to be strong and to be herself. As he talks about her daily beatings of him, Switch comments that Bossun should get his head examined. Hime hands Bossun a pelocan and this one is a mackeral miso flavored lollipop while handing a durian flavored one to Switch. They both suffer as Bossun throws up.

Anything for you, Hime!
Anything for you, Hime!

Later in the next day, Momoka and her gang appear in front of Sket Dan's class. Hime gives in and tells Kibitsu to get an unsweetened coffee. Switch narrates about how Hime becomes the legendary Onihime in a fairy tale fashion. When Bossun asks Kibitsu and her gals for a cola, they reject his offer. Hime and Switch asks Bossun to get them stuff.

Points of Reference

  • Bossun makes a Bleach reference when he thinks Hime pulls a bankai out of her Hockey Stick or the way she names her weapon is similar to how Shinigamis name their Zapakuto.

Anime and Manga Differences

  • The way Hime gets abducted in the manga is by using anesthesia wipers.
  • Censorship: In the manga, Kibitsu Momoka actually smokes a real cigarette. Due to the law that prohibits portraying young characters from smoking or doing drugs, the anime has Kibitsu sucking a cigarette candy.


  • Japanese Name: (伝説の鬼姫, Densetsu no Onihime)
  • Manga Chapters: 5 and 6
  • Opening Theme: "カッコ悪い I Love You" by French Kiss
  • Ending Theme: "Comic Sonic" by The Pillows

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kenta Shinohara Original Concept The mangaka behind Sket Dance.
Keiichiro Kawaguchi Director Director for Hayate the Combat Butler and Moetan.


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