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Somebody rolled the 10-sided die the right way.
Somebody rolled the 10-sided die the right way.

Well, you’d hope that a show titled LEGEND OF THE LEGENDARY HEROES would be a parody of something. Otherwise, that title would have to be one of the most amusing cases of Engrish that I’ve ever encountered.

I might wish that I was better versed in the shows and genres this one’s parodying but, seeing as how I sniff that some of its snark’s directed RECORD OF LODOSS WAR, I’ll peacefully withdraw that wish, because there’s no way I want to watch any more LODOSS. Hearing the foot soldiers fret about how many hit points their attacks will inflict relative to the counter attacks made me smile so wide, though. I can’t get over how dorky it was to govern a show by the rules of a table top game. Maybe it sounds cool in principle, but if it means you have to know how many points of power a fireball has over an freeze attack, you can’t help but thinking of how arbitrary it all is by the end.

Don't switch the blade on the man with the hex in his eyes, oh noooooooo!
Don't switch the blade on the man with the hex in his eyes, oh noooooooo!

Actually, I don’t know if calling this a parody is correct. Half of it’s a parody, sure. I loved the gags about the hero being such a skeevy letch and the warrior woman’s sword having such an absurd ability to slices things with almost balletic precision. However, the other half of the show seems to be a rather maudlin melodrama about a prince being tormented by… somebody about… something. I don’t know, it honestly got hard to follow. Maybe those portions are supposed to be a really involved joke that I’m not in on but, from where I’m standing, it sure seemed like it was getting played straight. And dully so.

And that ultimately explains why I’m not interested in continuing this show. It’s so fractured, and the serious pieces are too boring while the facetious bits aren’t outrageous enough. Having gone through enough of these pilots, I’ve started to respond better to ones that provide a clear narrative instead of ones that get muddled like this does. So I'll never know what the Legend is!

Watch this episode "The Napping King's Ambitions" below and decide for yourself.

Read my thoughts on the previous series I've watched for this extended sampling...

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Actually, the next handful of episodes jump all the way back to the start of the mess, where the main characters are going through school together. Almost complete change in tone. But then again you have to be willing to put up with a large number of named characters if you want to keep track of the various twists within the story.
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weill , i liked the whole the solver of all equations and the destroyer of all equations thing  
even with series end with a cliffhanger (obviously with the light novels still ongoing)but was at least watchable  
also i don't know if u watched it yet as i am still new to this site  
i recommend "samurai champloo"for action genre or  
for drama "aoi bungaku" and comdey"gintama"
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The title of this show is so stupidly generic that I couldn't get past the trailer. Looks like I might not be missin much
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I am still only half way through this show. Not because I wanted to stop, though. The show makes me laugh and I'm curious about the truth of what's all going on that barely gets explained for episode to episode. I'll get back to it eventually.
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Dude, you really should give the show a chance! The first episode does not reveal too much, but as you get deeper in you do start to really enjoy the characters, some of who turn sterotypes on their heads, as well as the overarching plot is something very cool and tottally worth the investment.
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continue watching for another 2 episodes or so, the first episode wasnt that good.
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This show is probably what you hope Claymore to be.  Claymore isn't that.
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I think that this anime is much worse than its originated 11 volumes of light novels ! The story of originated novels carry on much better than this anime!
In addition, not everyone knows that these originated 11 volumes of novels are only the Part I of the whole story, the story carries on in the "Great Legend of Legendary Heros" and also some sidestory novels. However, I cannot read in Japanese so that I have to wait for translations.
The official site of Originated light novels:
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I watched the whole thing recently and it's quite good.  A lot of stuff is answered deeper into the series but much also remains in the grey.  It bounces back and forth between melancholy and farce, but that's one of the points I enjoyed about it.  Too much bleakness bores the hell out of me.  The jokes become fewer and fewer as the show progresses and the acceptance of some characters after experiencing a (from their point of view) betrayal can be somewhat confusing.  However, the story is more complex (some might say "muddled") than many others I've seen and that was an attraction for me.  The series held my interest throughout.  It should be noted that the ending is not an ending, but instead, a transition to a new phase in the story.  It's pretty much like the end of The Empire Strikes Back or The Two Towers in that it leaves you hanging as to the story's outcome. 
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