The Legend of Seminoa (Dub: Five Great Chiefs)

The Legend of Seminoa (Dub: Five Great Chiefs) is an anime episode of Shaman King that was released on 03/27/2002

Journey to America Arc

The Legend of Seminoa - セミノアの伝承歌- (Seminoa no denshōka)

Released on 3-27-2002

Five Great Chiefs

Released on 12-11-2004

Full Plot Summary

At the airport, Anna wonders if she gets scouted by Hollywood while Manta asks her why she recruit Faust when it ends his dreams/ purpose to fight in the shaman tournament. While Faust is doing sit ups, Anna explains that she is helping Faust revive his loved one if Faust agrees to help Yoh, but her true intentions is to make Faust work as a doctor for her future Hot Springs Inn Resort. Also, Jun Tao and Pailong walks by them, and they notice Anna. At first, Jun tells Anna that they are looking for Ren; Anna asks them to join them while Tamao reveals of Yoh and gang's current location, Yonte Fe. At a highway, Anna gives the hitchhiking thumb, and Billy Anderson appears to give them a ride.

At Yonte Fe, Yoh and gang notice Team Lilly fleeing from Lilirara's house and decides to investigate. After Lilirara tells them to go home, Yoh and the others asks her why. Lilirara's ghosts attack Yoh's gang and make them feel pain due to their memories and possession. When Lilirara explains that the Patch are evil, Yoh wants to find out if it's true. After their first trip, Yoh and gang find out that the Patch man is Hao, and Yoh wants Lilirara to send them back to find clues about the location of the Patch Village. After a total of four times, Yoh and gang find out that the warriors are heading west towards the mountains with a river. However, the Seminole ghosts fight Yoh and gang. When Yoh and the others decide to unleash their powers, the ghosts give them advice.

  • Chocolove - Seminole warrior says don't forget his speed while Chocolove will remember his sorrow.
  • Ryu - Seminole warrior says don't forget his presence while Ryu will remember his anger.
  • Horohoro - Seminole warrior says don't forget his power while Horohoro will remember his fear.
  • Ren - Seminole warrior says don't forget his cruelty while Ren will remember his hatred.
  • Yoh - Seminole warrior says don't forget his strength while Yoh will remember his regrets.

The ghosts bid Lilirara farewell and persuade her to live free of the past while they tell Yoh and gang about the location of the Patch Village. When Lilirara ask Yoh's gang (except Ren) about their dreams, she laughs at Chocolove's dream. Meanwhile, Anna and the others cannot find Yoh until Faust points out that they are in another town, Locta Fe.

Points of Interests

Anime and Manga Differences

  • Unlike the manga, the anime plot line is different with encountering characters in a different order. In the manga, Yoh's gang meet Lilirara on their journey, then Lyserg on their journey, and then Chocolove in Patch Village. For this anime, Yoh's gang meets Lyserg first, Chocolove second, and Lilirara third.
  • Also, in the manga, Lilirara laughs at Horohoro's dreams whereas in the anime, Lilirara laughs at Chocolove's dreams.
  • The three shamans in the manga version, Savage, Mr. Little Lake, and Garah, do not appear in this episode because they have been killed already.
  • In the manga, there are four Seminole warriors whereas there are five Seminole warriors in the anime.
  • Also, Lilirara is killed by Hao in the manga. Compared to the anime, she still lives.
  • Unlike the manga, Anna recruits Faust earlier (before Patch Village), and Jun Tao and Pailong appear during this arc. (in the manga, they appear in the "Back to Tokyo" arc)

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiroyuki Takei Writer Creator of the Shaman King manga. Currently he teamed up with Stan Lee to create a new manga called Ultimo.


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