The Legend of Korra Locations

The Legend of Korra is an anime series in the Avatar franchise
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Air Temple Island

Air Temple Island is the new home for the Air Acolytes and Air Nomads in Republic City.

Bending Arena

The Bending Arena is the facility where the sport of pro-bending is held in Republic City.

Earth Kingdom

Earth Kingdom is one of the four great nations of the world and ruled by the Earth King.


A facility used to incarcerate people convicted of a crime

Republic City

Republic City is the center of peace built by Fire Lord Zuko and Avatar Aang.

Spirit World

the Spirit World is an alternate dimension that coexists along with the World of the Four Nations.

Water Tribe

Water Tribe is the name of the lands of the Water Tribe nation that specialize in waterbending.

World of the Four Nations

World of the Four Nations is the home world to the lands of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water.


Zaofu is a city home to the Metal Clan, a group of distinguished Metalbenders under Suyin, and its non-bending citizens.

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