Sket Dance #17 - The last day of president

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 02/04/2011

Plot Summary

Ch. 145: Bossun and the gang prepare to change their occupation in order to take down the evil king, Dante. However, Remi messes up the request, and Sojiro (the priest) forces them to take those jobs.

Ch. 147 and 148: Sojiro and Shinba are going to graduate soon, so they will step down. Sasuke is the new president, and he starts going overboard and enforces the rules. Sojiro tells him to relax and that he has people for support. Then, Sojiro gets a call from a stranger who wants him to answer four problems to free his sister. It turns out that this is part of an elaborate farewell ceremony set by Bossun and the student council.

Operation Love Potion Arc (Ch. 149-150): When Remi tells the Sket Dan that she is in love with Chuma, Suzu asks the Sket Dan to help her to make her father confess his feelings to Remi. Suzu reveals a Love Potion, and after Remi answers Bossun's question about loving Chuma truly, Bossun forms a plan that involves a restaurant where they add the three drugs to food for their respective requirement. During the luncheon, Remi and Suzu work together to make sure Chuma takes the drug in the right order. Once Chuma has taken all three drugs, Suzu asks Remi to touch Chuma and say her name. However, Remi declines. At school, Remi explains she wants to do these things by herself, and when Chuma overheard their conversation, he asks Remi for her hand in marriage. Yet, Remi rejects Chuma because no one marries without dating first.

Ch. 152: After Dante is mugged, Bossun and Himeko find out about Kagerou who Shinzo describes as a ninja. Shinzo notes that there is another ninja at school. Before they head off, they confront Kiri Kato who tells them not to interfere with Kagerou.

Ch. 153: Tsubaki and his team welcome Hani Usami who has the strangest quirk: she hates men in her Usami mode while she hates women in her Bunny mode.


Chapter 145: QUEST DANCE

Chapter 146: The Archangel's Ballad - "Daitenshi no baraado" (大天使の小さな恋)

Chapter 147: For the Sake of Creating a Superior Campus - "Yoriyoi gakuen tsukuri no tameni" (より良い学園作りの為に)

Chapter 148: The last day of president

Chapter 149: Operation Love Potion, Part 1 - " Opereeshon rabu pōshon zenpen" (オペレーション・ラブポーション 前編)

Chapter 150: Operation Love Potion, Part 2 - "\Opereeshon rabu pōshon kōhen" (オペレーション・ラブポーション 後編)

Chapter 151: The Secret Story of the Creation of Kamei High School's New Anthem - "開盟学園高校新校歌作詞秘話" (Kaimei gakuen kōkō shin kōka sakushi hiwa)

Chapter 152: Chase Kagero! - "Kagerō o oe!" (影浪を追え!)

Chapter 153: Treasurer Usami Hani - "Kaikei Usami Hani" (会計 宇佐見羽仁)


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